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The Afghani Dagger

                         The Afghani Dagger

This is the story of "The Afghani Dagger" which I got the chance to touch, feel and hold in my hand. Hand-made amazingly crafted very pretty dagger with a camel bone handle caught my attention when we were filming video for our YouTube Channel "The Roka Way". The only problem was a price tag which was 800 AED. It has been a while I have been unemployed but that doesn't mean I am seeking help from you all. I am just saying as you are my family. The place where the dagger was found was an amazing Antique Shop where where were tons of stones and the sales man just a 17 year old Afghani boy Nazir was the best sames person we had ever met. 
Being a small YouTuber is very very hard. Just having a smart phone in hand makes people feel that we are nothing as they are used to see most popular YouTubers and their fancy stuffs. But small doesn't mean not talented or can't grow. 
We would like to request you all to see the video which we have made and please let us know how it is. 
Here we aren't going to talk about all those amazing stones, pearls, corals, antique bags, antique ear rings, 19th Centuries Silver Rings and stuff because you can see all those in the video link at the end of this blog. 

Today We are going to talk about how I felt being in that place and meeting Nazir.

I clearly remember when I was 17 I was world's must useless person. I didn't know where to go, what to do in life, to be frank with you I didn't even know what is life but that doesn't mean I was born in a rich family. I was born in a poor family but we were living a fake life of middle class. Middle Class tag is very dangerous because it makes you feel you are reach but the ambiance around you doesn't support that and whole life you live will be fake which most of the time the person living in it can't understand or pretend not understanding it.
But Nazir is different he know where is, where he wants to be and what he has to do to reach there. Now I also know all those things but just the difference is I am twice as the age of Nazir. 
So lets talk 

What Nazir wants to do??  

Nazir explained me his plans and goals. Unfortunately he couldn't study because of his family's financial back ground he regrets that a bit but he also believes the education is important but it's not everything. He has trained himself so well that he speaks English Fluently as well as Arabic. He know about body language and gestures which I thought he had never even heart about. He want's to have a shop where he is working; I mean in Bur Dubai. He want's to keep things simple, Master in the something you know and grow with it.
It's just a simple thing and I had not understood until I met Nazir.
I want to pursue my carrier in making Traveling, Food and Daily Vlogs. I love to write so I want to learn about writing but I can't do it now even though I want to because there is a huge loan hanging in the bank which always sends letter to my home in Nepal with interest and loan portion. I can't do it as I have other responsibilities, I can't do it because I don't have enough gadgets needed over all I can't do it because I don't have money. 
But who knows what future holds. Meeting Nazir has changed the prospective of life to me. 
I am so very thankful to meet him and to share this to you all. I don't if anyone will read this but if you will read this; Thanks a lot for reading it.
Please check the video out in the link to see handsome young Nazir and ols ugly me.

Thank You for all the love and support provided so far.

Love You All 
Sushil Roka


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