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How Long did it take for YouTube Channel to Monetize and how long does it take for the monetization review process (Our YouTube Story)


Team Core 

Has been a while now.

Hope you all are doing good, Stay safe and Stay happy

I am really very sorry what I was lost for a long time. Time wasn't in my favor I guess. I have been struggling a lot lately but somehow holding myself still till  now. 

In this blog I am specially going to talk about 

Our YouTube Story ( How Long did it take for YouTube Channel to Monetize and how long does it takes for the monetization review process)

How Long did it take for me to Monetize

I uploaded my first video in YouTube on 31 of March 2020 and til then the journey was so much unknown to be and I also regrade about that. It took me 5 months of day and night practice, learning and hard work to reach the requirement for application to Monetization in YouTube Partner Program. I exactly applied on 31 of August 2020 for Monetization. 

I didn't even know how to edit videos or even do screen record of laptop and smart phone before that you can say I was the dumbest person to you smarted phones. My laptop is very old and very very slow but still learned many free video editing software and tricks to make videos and all. But to be Frank my YouTube videos started getting attentions only after I started doing live sessions. And remaining is history now.  

The Review Process

The review process is more stressful and complicated as when your channel is on review you can't do anything about it. And I have heard that review may take from 1 day to 1 months on top of the the requirements to monetization (1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours) is very very hard to achieve. Just to give you an over all idea there are juts 24 hours in a day so it means views must watch almost 167 days of your content. The First Step is Review Partner Program terms where YouTube checks if your channel is eligible to apply for monetization which ends pretty quickly. Second Step will be to Sign Up for Google AdSense Program which may take couple of hours then comes main review process of Channel content as which can prolong till a month. 
I used to check every 1 hour till 60 hours but my channel was still on review which is almost 3 days so I decided to sent feedback to YouTube as I can to know sometime it may work and some of my friends had got monetized successfully with in 24 hours. I don't want to waste your time saying all the process of sending feedback but just in short I took some screenshots of my YouTube Analytics which shows I have met all the criteria and I don't have any claims or strikes in my channel. 
I don't know its because of that or because of luck my Channel got monetize after 2 hours of my feedback.

So, The long story short now we have a monetized channel " The Roka Way " where all my Team Core can get more connected to us where we share travel, food and daily vlogs and videos.

Thank You for all love and support you guys have gave to me so far and I hope you all will so more love to us in our YouTube Channel as well.

With Love 
Sushil Roka


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