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Trying Lankan Food for the First Time

Hi, Team Core
Whats Up?

I pray everyone is safe and sound with family and friends

It has been a while and has been a hard one to all. But this time has been the time which provides us knowledge and wisdom. This pandemic has tough me who I really and has made me more stronger and gave me strength on believing more on myself and my people. I loosed lots of friends in this pandemic and very close people in my life as well. But don't worry they are not dead just I wasn't adding value to their lives and I also came to know they were just negative part of me. I pray all of them to be safe and successful.

Why I took long to come back?

I was really full of weakness and you readers have helped me to gather my strength and express my inner things. I love you all for that. I was lost in my things like loans, salary deduction in job I became more weaker and weaker but the point came in that weakness I realized if it goes like this I will not die because of corona but I may not live my life at all even if I am alive. So I started to dig inside me. What I really wanted to do? What can make me happy? Beside writing I love to interact to different people and share them prospective of live but more I like to explore their world and mainly their prospective. So many things happened in this time. I am working under notice period of termination now till 23 July 2020 as I refused to sign my salary deduction form. It's long story will explain in detail.

What did I do till this time?

I opened my YouTube Channel, changed Channel Name three times finally kept The Roka Way. I know you guys will support the way you have done here. I feel so relaxed and happy now even though I don't have money in my pocket. I always used to think money is everything but now I have realized we need money to live our life for sure but it is not everything.

I would like to share you my latest video in which we have tried Lankan food in Dubai, UAE.
If you will watch that video after reading this I will be really thrilled please let me know on comment saying "I am from the blog".
You guys have very special place in my heart.
Love you all

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The Tilting Ice-Cream

The Tilting Ice-Cream Hi, Team Core What's Up
The Tilting Ice-Cream is my real life experience happened at Me'iseam City Center, Dubai UAE; a Few days back. I work at Outdoor Event at Me'iseam City Center ; I was going for a restroom on the way there is Baskin and Robbins (An Ice-Cream Parlor). A young couple just bought a cone each and had just started to feel the taste of it. Suddenly scooped ice-cream inside the cone of the gentleman tilt and his reaction was as the reaction of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on Rampage when Gorge pretends to die at the end of the movie. I am not promoting the movie. The reason Rampage came is because The Outdoor Event has  Cinema Under the Stars 6 pm to 12 am. Human Mind really gets influenced by the surrounding and the recent incidence it's so funny and interesting at the same time. I saw the incidence and moved on but I don't know why his expression was printed in my mind and was coming again and again. Even I don't know that …

Dining and Wining Lounge and Bar (Interior Paradise for Family Dine)

Dining & Wining Lounge and Bar(Interior Paradise for Family Dine)
Hi, Team Core What’s Up? Has been a while that we aren’t in touch

I have always been doing abstract writing but today have planned to write about one of the best places for foodies and party people here in Eastern Part of Nepal (Birtamode) definitely its Dining and Wining Lounge and Bar. Which is at the top floor of 3 stored building and just for info the entire top floor has been created for the best dine-in experience up to 110 people. The entrance is on the side of the building which I will consider a minus point for such a mind-blowing restaurant and bar but I feel if you are one of the best you deserve to be searched. All side walls of stairs are full with meaningful and heart touching paintings. The best for me and I guess for 90% of the visitors will be the painting of Darahara (Historical Watch Tower of Kathmandu which was destroyed in a massive deadly earth-quack). The statement was written there goes like…

7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer

7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer
Hi, Team Core
How are you all?

"7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer" is all about the skills required to be a Freelance Writer. This segment is for those who want to know what is freelance writing as well as what are the qualities required to be a freelance writer. Maybe those qualities are in you. If you have these qualities you can definitely be a freelance writer. I personally will be very happy if this segment can help even 1 person to know their hidden skills.
Who is a Freelancer? Freelance is the type of work done as per assignment for a company or individual without directly involved in the project given. In an easy word its working for someone without being their employee.
Freelancer: A Freelancer is an individual/self-employed person who does freelance work for anyone or any company with the provided amount of time frame and desired payment. 
In this modern world, any assignment or project can be done freelance. But the f…