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Hi, Team Core
What's Up 

Hi, Family We are not going to talk about Novel Corona Virus because we all know what is it and what it can do as well as what it has done to us. If you still are not sure about it just click to the link for more details. 
Today I am going to talk about what we can so to get the best out of this quarantine period. In a simple way - 5 THINGS TO DO WHILE QUARANTINED are the things which we should or should have done already but we can start now as life is teaching us a very good lesson what really matters and what really can happen. I truly believe this world with be better place to live after we will have control over Novel Corona Virus 
Happiness is coming

 Stay Positive

1. Stay Positive

I know it has been hard and more scare is if we or our loved ones will get infected but don't worry nothing wrong will happen if we will follow the instructions given by professionals. We have beaten so many past pandemic and definitely we can beat this one as well. Together everything is possible and we all will see that bright day when this will end and everyone, you me and all will cherish life in the best way far far better than before. Help people whom you can help by any way. In this pandemic there is no small or a big help. Everything counts and will count. This is the test of humanity and togetherness and I know we will prove once again that humanity is still alive like always. 

 Start Or Perfect Hobby

2. Start Or Perfect Hobby

This is the best way to stay focus and energetic in this period. Isolation can be frustrating as it will be completely opposite of our day to day life which we have been following from ages. So, best way to use this free time is to what you wanted to and enhance your hobbies. If you used to love reading find suitable books, articles or topics which you used to like or like now. 
Most people love to cook or are trying to learn cooking YouTube has millions of very very nice channels which teach cooking for different grade of audience and different types of food and trust me its great fun. If you are a beginner you will find an appropriate channel for you even if you are expert you will indeed find one. My hobby is to write even-though I am just a beginner this period of time I am still working but only 3 days a week and 14 hours a day so the remaining time I am spending to learn more and more on writing and I wanted to open a YouTube channel which was almost dream because of busy schedule but this time helped me to achieve that. If you want to visit my channel and support me I will put the link at the end of this segment. 

 Train And Upgrade Your Skills

3. Train And Upgrade Your Skills

Team Core and the World this is it; This is the time to enhance your skills especially your work skills make yourself more sharp or on point than before. We always carve for betterment in life, health, wealth and for that continuous learning is required and I am telling you there is always room for improvement. 
For me in this period I really feel proud of myself; I wanted to learn Digital Marketing through Google Digital Garage but ever had time to do that and finally I did it and now I can see digital world in whole different prospective. I will add link below to the Google Digital Garage and you will be surprised that there are so many training provided by Google and Other Training Institutes for free. 
I started video editing by downloading free video editor and that amazing if you are interested on video editing the link will be provided below as well. 
The point is just get ready for the better and happy future in which now you have to do much more than you thought. 
 Check Your To Do List

4.Check Your To Do List

Everyone seems to be so lost, scared and panicked that they have forgotten themselves. I know we all have To-Do List and most of those things are still pending or we haven't done anything at all. Now this is the perfect time to check that list again and I am sure you will make some upgrades. 
I have a new updated To-Do List and Number 1 on list when I will have enough money first thing I will do is it go home (Nepal) and have some quality time with family. I know it will take longer than I have imagined as in this period I am working for very less money due to reduction on Salary but that for the greater good and best days are yet to come. Ya, I am telling it's time to upgrade your To-Do List.

 Stay Connected

5. Stay Connected 

I know we are doing all this for loved once; Especially people like me who have came abroad to earn and support family back home. Now we have that time to bridge that connection with loved once back home and if you have your family, wife or partner with you. spend more time with them, plan your next step, how you gonna face this pandemic and after all this is over which will soon than what you are going to do. Talk to family back home, relatives and friends around the globe through different virtual medium provided. Get connected, share knowledge and love. 

"Please mention in the comment which place will you be visiting after all this is over."      

Links For You

1. Google Digital Garage

2. Free Video Editor

3. My YouTube Channel (Salam Dubai)

Thank You All 
Sushil Roka


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