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                     5 SIMPLE STEPS TO HAPPY LIFE

Hi, Team Core
Hope All Is Well

Lets talk about us today, you and me in general what do we need to stay happy and healthy life style. Is it to have loads of money, having loads of Followers in Instagram or Friends in Facebook or Loads of likes and comments in you posts in social media. May be some people around us or even for us this can be source of happiness and healthy life because they give self- satisfaction.
Today I want to share you about me how I found " 5 SIMPLE STEPS TO HAPPY LIFE". I am based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since September 2016 and life hasn't been so easy living abroad and never is. If you are reading this abroad far from family and friends then you should know what I am talking about. But we got to do what we got to do right.

Lets not waste time as I'm very exited to share my experience to you guys. 

                                                  1. Focus on Yourself

"I know, I know everyone thinks that they know this already right." In-fact I used to think the same but Focus on Yourself means work on yourself always to get maximum out of yourself. Always be keen to learn from where ever the knowledge comes. Don't feel ashamed to say I don't know. Knowledge is not something we acquire from birth we learn them in this outer world for people. Focus on Yourself also means don't waste your time to compare yourself with others as they have their own pace and you have your own. We all are born for a reason but not the same and we all have different stories to tell.
Focus on Yourself also means when ever you do right thing praise yourself and if something goes wrong first think it can be you and if its you who made any mistake accept as soon as possible. Always remember what you give that you get. Karma doesn't have menu.
The main point is keep your identity alive. I know you maybe someone's son or daughter, someone's brother or sister, someone's father or mother, someone's husband or wife, someone's friend or enemy, someone's employee or employer; But at first you are someone, You are you always keep yourself alive.

                                               2. Limited Special Circle: 

It's all okay to know lots of people. We are social creatures but like we have always done the divisions friends, close friends, best friends, family friends and family or you call loved once. We should be able to classify people in a group so you will always have a healthy relationship with all of them. You will and you need to learn the communication and the mode of communication to be done with them. There are things which a definite group of people should know about you and somethings they should-not. I don't have any intention to hurt your feelings but most of the people don't even care what you feel and what are you going through. So, be wise enough to segregate your circle. Have Limited Special Circle who care for, who listen, who give honest opinions which matter and who help you to grow in life.
The best illustration of knowing your limited special circle can be "Dude Perfect Team" Its a YouTube channel with 5 believers on themselves and do things which will fascinate everyone. Most of them are nearly impossible. I really respect them for their hard work and love of what they do. If you aren't their subscribers yet please do it now.   

                                                       3. Trust Yourself


This is the No. 1 point to do on "5 SIMPLE STEPS TO HAPPY LIFE". People trust more on others than themselves. They think that is a good thing and may be it is but it's better to trust yourself and know yourself better and then the person to whom you gonna trust. It changes the whole prospective. Trust Yourself doesn't mean stop trusting anyone else in the world except you. It means be confident on yourself and what you are doing so the people who are driven to the task with you can feel the impact. 
We will meet 100s of people who will just laugh on you or evaluated you on what you are doing or what you are some of them can be your friends, relatives, seniors at school or collage, senior co-workers, your co-workers even sometimes your juniors. If you trust yourself you won't really care about what they think instead you will listen to them carefully and think about what they said so instead of being angry or upset you will be collecting more ways of thinking and can even do things better. 
Just remember trusting yourself doesn't mean not trusting others it means see value on yourself and know your worth.
The best person I look up to when I think about Trust Yourself is Zubair Sarookh who is a real hero for me on this. He is a young YouTuber from Sharjha, UAE. He always finds a way to create smiles and laughter in people. People love him but people criticize him as well but he never takes criticism in a negative way he feels he is responsible to explain his point of view and does with pride. I live in Dubai, UAE and I really wish 1 day I will meet him.

                                                4. Plan Everything


Planning is everything. If you can do a proper planing I promise you; Your whole life will change. But remember don't panic if plan won't work or you won't achieve the end result of your plans when you are a beginner. I am 30 years old now and I feel I wish I had taken my life seriously at least 5 years ago than life would be different. But no worries its never late. Past can't be constructed or distorted it can just be a good lesson due which present and coming present so called future can be planned. 
Remember "Plan Everything", where everything means everything ; Your Time, Your Money, Your Life. I will not make this segment boring by making you read too much but I will try my best to explain in another short segment in future how we can simply start planning process. 

" Goal without a plan is just a Dream"

Its good to be a Dreamer but being Achiever sound more fantastic. 
Planing makes things simple and simple is always the best. I know it will be hard to begin with but once you start it means you are half way through.

                                                     5. Stay Positive

Positivism is the key for inner peace. And inner peace is everything. If you are in peace with yourself the whole world will be amazing. The inner peace is directed related to outer world. The best way is to keep things simple as one of the old proverb " If you don't lie; You don't have to remember". Staying Positive in all aspects can be foolish though. We need to decide where are we wasting and where are we investing. Determination and Dedication are very big pillars for staying positive. Most of the people laugh at the Motivational Videos, Motivational Books but trust me they help in real life as they will help you to create a positive mind-set. 
You can't keep water long in a bucket which has hole in it. I will definitely take a while. The world is full of negativity so there are lots of chances we will be more attracted to it when your own energy is positive it will in-deed attract only positive force towards you. 
Giving is the best way to start with. If you see people who work hard and are less blessed than you please give a piece of your cake. Here in UAE its mostly hot and  Janitors, Street Cleaners, Delivery Drivers, Construction Workers work really really hard if you ever see them and if you can afford give them something which can be money, food, water anything which will show them that you respect them and their effort on society. Plan or Offer some lunch or dinner to your co-workers mainly juniors. 
Spend more time with your loved ones. Create always a positive vibe at least try to. If negativity is getting heavier get out of that situation. Remember you are not the Superman Or Superwoman but you should always try to help but keep your identity as well. 
I have mentioned few great people below from whom I have learnt how to Stay Positive and Art of Giving. 

To sum-up I'm not an expert or any close to all those amazing personalities I have linked here to you all. Life has been a challenge to live and now I feel like I am on the way to know it better and I want all have to be that way as well. Please tag link on greater personalities like above so we all will get more knowledge. 

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With Love 
Sushil Roka


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