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Art of Doing Nothing

Art Of Doing Nothing 

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 Act Of Doing Nothing

Art of Doing Nothing is all about as a topic itself. I especially decided to write on this topic as I am on vacation in these few days and I tried my best to do nothing. I mean nothing professional only time for friends and family. But doing nothing is also an art. Really the only expert on it can only do it. A person who wants to grow or in a better term is growing financially, professionally or personally, can't stay doing nothing. We in fact always work. Even now I'm waiting for my mom here in NJP (New Jalpaiguri Train Station), India and it's about to rain heavily but I preferred to use my time writing this. Since I started my vacation from 21st of March 2019 I preferred to reach home on the same day as it was Holi. Was very excited but reached late and couldn't make it count really and was bad business in terms of the domestic flight I took from KTM to Bhadrapur which was damn costly coz of my extra luggage but the feeling of getting home was incredible. Seeing my Nephew running here and there speaking out a few words like Grand Mom, Mom and Dad were priceless. For a person growing financially, it was a bad deal but for a  person who is growing personally in especially in a family ground that was the best deal ever.

Like a proverb " A fisherman aiming to kill shark never stops even if his boat is full." The desire of reaching to the destination motivates where ever you are and whenever and whatever you are doing.

It has been more than 2 months I had started to write was so busy with other things. I know the reason isn't good enough. Today am not feeling so well but still, want to complete this as writing is very important for me. From the day I had started this so many things happened will give a quick brief on it. I ended up writing another blog before this and it's about an amazing restaurant I visited near my home town. I finally invested in a business which means a lot for me with a very determined guy Sajan Bedari who has named our company "Bhitta Trading" for those who don't understand Nepalese Bhitta means Wall. We have started with Wall Papers and Morals and My dream product the 100% handcrafted wooden items for decoration. I have planned to have every object required for interior decoration and will start the course for Interior Designing and will try my best to provide free services to our clients. And I know this is entirely out of the subject we are talking in this segment.

Let's stick back to Art Of Doing Nothing. Most of the people most of the time do nothing but still, we all feel so busy that we don't have time or say time is not enough. The 80/20 principle says 80 % of our time we don't do anything just 20% will be used in a proper way which means productively but productivity can mean different to different people. 20% of criminals commit 80% of dangerous crimes. Even in the workplace 20% of people do 80% of the work. I don't want to promote the book but it will be great if you people will read it. If you want will try to attach the link of the audiobook at the bottom.

Doing Nothing is a Great Art, In fact, people are so lost in this busy world and spend a lot of money as a break just not to do anything. And the Act is called Meditation, Travel for someone and so many other synonyms it has. So how can a person do nothing and how? That's the question of the year. How the human mind decides they aren't doing anything. If a person is a Travel Guide and has opportunity to travel always does that mean he/she isn't doing anything? No, definitely not but if a Corporate is traveling with him/her then he is doing nothing. Our mind considers doing nothing to those things which we don't do in day to day life or if we don't live our basic lifestyle. Art Of Doing Nothing help us to reduce the stress level and detox our body and soul. As our mind gets so busy collecting and processing new information outside of its basic zone. And the funny thing is the Human Brain never stops even if you are doing nothing it's still working and processing the process and using the energy as well as creating energy. The creation of that new type of energy which is out of the basic zone is all we need.

If we have an Art Of Doing Nothing and as we all know its all in our mind we can always stay energetic or better I say most of the time we can be energetic and positive.
Writing this doesn't mean I am perfect in this skill but at least I am trying to and I know now and which will lead me to the way of it. I am always trying to train my mind to accept the new things and the new ways of doing things and writing about different field, working with a different style. Abstract writing has really helped me a lot on bridging me to the Art Of Doing Nothing.

Strive for knowledge and don't think what other people will think about you as well as don't get affected by people opinion about you as long as you are right and doing the right things. And always try new things, do improvise the way of the things you do and always welcome the critics but always appreciate people and world around you, Accept if you have done a mistake is what I have learned from the way to Art Of Doing Nothing. Hope the segment will be worth reading.

              "Remember: Art Of Doing Nothing Is The Art Of Doing Everything"

The 80/20 Principle

Enjoy Reading Team Core.


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