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Dining and Wining Lounge and Bar (Interior Paradise for Family Dine)

Dining & Wining Lounge and Bar(Interior Paradise for Family Dine)

Hi, Team Core
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I have always been doing abstract writing but today have planned to write about one of the best places for foodies and party people here in Eastern Part of Nepal (Birtamode) definitely its Dining and Wining Lounge and Bar. Which is at the top floor of 3 stored building and just for info the entire top floor has been created for the best dine-in experience up to 110 people. The entrance is on the side of the building which I will consider a minus point for such a mind-blowing restaurant and bar but I feel if you are one of the best you deserve to be searched. All side walls of stairs are full with meaningful and heart touching paintings. The best for me and I guess for 90% of the visitors will be the painting of Darahara (Historical Watch Tower of Kathmandu which was destroyed in a massive deadly earth-quack). The statement was written there goes like “Maybe you are not visually there but will stand high in our heart.”

First Impression 

I was greeted by Mr. Pramod Pandey to whom I would love to call “Face of the Place” very soft spoken and golden-hearted man. Who adds spark in the low light interior and cozy music. Talking to him was like you are talking to a very well-known friend. I was along with my brother com business partner Sajan Bedari (A guy who insisted me to visit Dining & Wining Lounge and Bar and it was definitely one of the best interior dine-in facility). In fact, I found all 30 staffs so friendly and customer oriented, the best part was they really loved their job and the smile in the place was watch worth.

Customer Service

I still remember a Customer Attendant (Mr. Roshan) approaching me and my brother asking what we wanted. It was 11am so we ordered coffee if it was after 4 pm the choice would be different maybe you guys know what I am talking about. A single shot espresso and a double shot for me was the only thing we ordered. I got to tell you guys the taste of the coffee was a lot higher then what I had tasted in numerous VIP cafes in India and Nepal. We were so privileged to have a chat with a Bar Manager/ Barista Trainer who had an amazing experience on Bar and Coffee Making for 10 years in an International Hotels and his knowledge regarding related field made me surprised. Being in F&B Business for more than 5 years and seeing someone with so vast knowledge on the field made me feel that Nepal has also achieved a position in Hospitality Business.
The center of attraction besides Darahara Painting was the open kitchen where all were welcomed to observe what’s happening with their food which itself is the biggest step happening in the Nepalese Food and Beverage Industry. I was so happy to see and observe what’s happening a sense of satisfaction was there which made me feel whatever Guest are having will have the best, safe and tasty. This gave me a feeling of knowing their idea of Food Safety and its importance and they were 10 on 10 in that. The Food Safety Rules in there was an international standard.

My bad I forgot to mention a Barista who made our drinks. Miss Aasma Rai thank you so much for the amazing drink.

The Story

The Grand Opening was done on the 5th of April 2019 and I miss a chance to see a live performance of one of the prestigious band in Nepal “Gloomy Guys” who were the star performers on an opening day. And that’s also one of their attraction that they have a live band and solo performance going on every day from 7 pm to 9 pm. They have a solo performer as well who was practicing while we were there and had a mesmerizing voice.
The way Menu was presented and designed from the color coding to food names it was awesome but I saw the vegetarian and the vegan option which was a great surprise for me because realizing the business area they are it's very rare that vegetarians and vegans would come there but still they have thought about those people. 

The Place I Love To Be

Let’s Talk about the Bar. The Bar was amazing I wish I could shout out loud so you would know how amazing it was. Everything about it was amazing. International serving standards, 60+ varieties of alcoholic beverage, the Bar Display was marvelous and the mocktails and cocktails were fantastic.
They serve two types of in house mocktails which are PubG and Candy Crush; You read it right PubG and Candy Crush which were created in house showing the love and respect to the mobile game and gamers. They have an special Cocktail which stands to be the rarest in Nepal “Dragon Ball” and it’s worth trying.
The Private Conference Area accompanying 10 people is also a plus point which allows even a bigger family to enjoy the peaceful as well as fun environment with tasty food.
We couldn't resist so had to have a second visit just to feel the Night Vibe which was amazing as well Music, Tasty Food, Fun Environment, Varieties of Drinks and A photographer who captures your memories in his camera with your approval is Icing on the cake. We ordered 2 starters and 2 main courses following with very chilled beers all in the recommendation of Mr. Roshan; I got to tell you that guy was fantastic. The summer in Terai(Nepal) is a disaster but the maintenance there was very high standarded.

 The Food

The starter we ordered were very Nepali special starters called Badam Sadeko ( Mixed Peanuts) and Veg Nepali Platter. The unprofessional picture of professionally made food can be seen below.
Badam Sadeko and Veg Nepali Platter
I basically loved the main courses and between Chicken Curden Blue and Chicken Chopped, we tried my favorite was Chicken Chopped.

Chicken Chopped
Chicken Curden Blue
The mild music played and the chilled beer with fantastic food what else we need for relaxing in this busy world. Mr. Roshan was always there for us to assist in all the aspect of the place from big to very very small issues. The way he communicated with me always smiling remained of one of my colleague in Poke Poke LLC.
The second visit was more fun as we could really feel the vibe of the place. Mr. Jeevan Paneru was always willing to add an extra smile on people faces by capturing their special moments behind his lens. He made my day as well by clicking a couple of pictures. One of the guy in the picture below is me.
Tried My Best to Look Good
Overall I had a fantastic 2-time visit in Dining and Wining I really can’t tell which was more fun both was amazing for me. I wish I had more time to stay in my second visit but had another meeting but an hour and a half stay were worth spending. Definitely will be there on my every visit to home country
Thank You; Dining & Wining Lounge and Bar Team for
Having Each Staff with Hospitality Management
Using Domestic Coffee Beans
Being so Friendly
Doing such a hard per opening set for 9 months.
Being one of a reason for me to smile whenever I will remember you guys.
Being there.

(Note: To all ladies out there these people do Ladies Night Every Week on Wednesday, So get yourself ready for some complimentary drinks on the house)

Bye Now Good People; Will come back soon in another traveling segment " My Nightmare"

Want to see more places I have visited then visit my YouTube channel The Roka Way

Peace Out.


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