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The Tilting Ice-Cream

The Tilting Ice-Cream

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The Tilting Ice-Cream is my real life experience happened at Me'iseam City Center, Dubai UAE; a Few days back. I work at Outdoor Event at Me'iseam City Center ; I was going for a restroom on the way there is Baskin and Robbins (An Ice-Cream Parlor). A young couple just bought a cone each and had just started to feel the taste of it. Suddenly scooped ice-cream inside the cone of the gentleman tilt and his reaction was as the reaction of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on Rampage when Gorge pretends to die at the end of the movie. I am not promoting the movie. The reason Rampage came is because The Outdoor Event has  Cinema Under the Stars 6 pm to 12 am. Human Mind really gets influenced by the surrounding and the recent incidence it's so funny and interesting at the same time. I saw the incidence and moved on but I don't know why his expression was printed in my mind and was coming again and again. Even I don't know that couple I want to give credit about this to them.

 Tilting Ice-Cream

Lets Begin

The Tilting Ice-Cream

Life is full of incidents either small or big. The moment when the incident happens we feel same as the gentleman above. For the moment its end of the world whatever happens either it's big or small. As time passes the human brain starts evaluating things and the impact reduces or increases. But slowly with the time, some incidence will be forgotten and some will have the re-occurring impact in us but the effect will be decreased.
I just want all of us to remember all the incidence that have had happened in our life so far; big, small, painful, happy, exciting or boring. They had an impact on us and obviously gave us a lesson either negative or positive. We are what we are because of all this impactful or impactless incidence.
So, what does that mean is the time a medicine or we already have medicine inside us which takes time to have an effect. Sometimes we are so much into the incident and its effect that we ourself harm us directly or indirectly. I want to share you my another life experience regarding it.

 Tilting Ice-Cream

Not Being Appreciated 

I am talking about my past job incident when I joined the company I started as a crew member; Here in UAE most of the places have 6 months probation period but I was promoted as a Restaurant In-Charge in just 3 months and after 2 months of promotion I started feeling I wasn't appreciated on what I had been doing because my Manager used to take all the credit of my work but I made a big mistake that was never confronted him 1 on 1 in front of Higher Management. But what I forgot that I had learned so many things in that 5 months time here in UAE. I was just focused on what I have given to the company but I never even tried to evaluate what the company did for me. I found another job because of my work there as a customer approached me with a better opportunity in his brand new project. I left the company and joined the new one just 1 month after I left the Manager was terminated as the store was underperforming. 
As I recall now I was very privileged to the part of that company and in-fact I was the only one to be promoted so soon in that company. I came to know how F&B workes in UAE. What are the field to be focused, How a restaurant has to be operated here, what are the key points, What are Do's and Dont's? 
I see the F&B industry completely in a different way now. The way I could never see it if haven't had joined my previous company. I was so much focused on that small incident the I wasted lots of time in which I could have learned more in-fact a lot.

The Tilting Ice-Cream I saw lead me to all my past and present as well. It had me evaluate my days and my self-development. Such an incident of less than 30-second gave me the vision of all my past and how I have become who I am now. But if I had just seen that incident and moved on then I wouldn't have thought all this and this segment would have never been created.


The Tilting Ice-Cream can't be tagged on any specific field but what I feel is there is something to learn from everyone, every moment and every incident. If we are open to the knowledge each and every second teaches a valuable lesson which on either way haves us stronger. Everyone in this world has had an incident like The Tilting Ice-Cream. If you guys have any don't be greedy to share in the comment box.
Hope this segment is worth reading. Let me know even if it wasn't. And if it was please share it with your friends.

If you guys are in Dubai now don't miss the Outdoor Event at City Center Me'iseam.
See you There

Thank You All for your precious time.
Sushil Roka


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