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7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer

7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer

 7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer

Hi, Team Core
How are you all?

"7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer" is all about the skills required to be a Freelance Writer. This segment is for those who want to know what is freelance writing as well as what are the qualities required to be a freelance writer. Maybe those qualities are in you. If you have these qualities you can definitely be a freelance writer. I personally will be very happy if this segment can help even 1 person to know their hidden skills.

Who is a Freelancer?

Freelance is the type of work done as per assignment for a company or individual without directly involved in the project given. In an easy word its working for someone without being their employee.

Freelancer: A Freelancer is an individual/self-employed person who does freelance work for anyone or any company with the provided amount of time frame and desired payment. 

In this modern world, any assignment or project can be done freelance. But the following 7 are the most freelance field:

  • Freelance Writer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Freelance Web Developer or Programmer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Bookkeeping
  • Freelance Photography
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are only going to stick with Freelance Writing in this segment if you are interested and wanna know more about the other six fields you can go to the following link:

Freelance Writer

 7 Qualities For A Freelance Writer

freelance writer is a writer who works on a self-employed basis. They can work for just one magazine or, more often, they write for several different publications at a time. The more diverse a writer can be, the more likely they are to be published and paid for their work. (Copied)

Freelance Writer as stated above is an individual who writes for any individual, company or multiple companies with being directly involved to the organization or the project.
Writing has been the most popular and mostly adopted field in freelance business as it has lots of sectors to cover like content writing, copywriting writing, survey and many more.

7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer

This segment is basically to talk about "7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer". The above description was just to give an overall idea about freelancing. Let's focus on the writing part now and the most important qualities need to be a freelance writer in no particular order.

  • Curiosity
  • Persistence
  • Good Listener
  • Detail Oriented
  • Different Writing Style
  • Language Skills
  • Communication
These are the most important 7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer which will help us to be a freelance writer and for sure a better one.


Being Curious about surrounding has made a human far better than other creatures in the world. We are born curious and we will be till the last breath. Just the difference is the amount of curiosity. The degree of interest in the given field determined how much success you will acquire in that field. It's very important to know the field in which you are interested in and how deep you can go into it. I have always been curious about human behaviors and traveling. This has driven me to watch almost all the movies and series based on human behaviors. I can recall so many sleepless nights I watched series to complete as soon as possible. This interest has driven me to read many books as well. But they were some other subjects I was curious about but very soon I gave up. The most important thing is to find the filed of your interest which always fascinates you and you will always go an extra mile on curiosity to find more and more.


Persistence is the key to success in anything you do. If you love the field you are in and you are curious as well in fact very curious in it but the only thing that can give you success is how involved you will be in the field you chose. I have stated my own example in the curiosity section where I loosed my persistence and I gave up. Giving Up can't be a solution.
As a freelance writer we have to be able to connect the dots and even in the content we will be writing we have to continue the course of writing and connecting dots. How long and in how much engaging way you can continue determines how far you can go. 
If you are persistent and hard working 100% you can be successful in any filed and on top you love to write and you are always curious on knowing new things nothing can stop you becoming a freelance writer. 

Good Listener

There is a very famous Chinese Proverb " Don't stop listening until its necessary to speak". If we listen to what, why and how and until when our client wants the assignment to be done we will be able to frame the project we will be doing and can complete it before the due date. Listening is the vital weapon which is a great asset to anyone and for being a freelance writer I would consider it most important. If you can't listen you can't be a freelance writer that's for sure. Listening not only mean to be quite in front of someone who is talking. It means gathering the right and required information we need for our work and most important day to day life. A Good Listener is the one who not only listens but also processes the data and knows which are useful and which aren't. The good listener can only be a good speaker/writer as well because he/she will know what does a person next to him or she wants to listen and why. 

Detail Oriented

This quality specifies how far we can go in the field we love to be and in the zone of freelance writing, details are key to success. any topic we are into must be first understood well before getting started or at least we should be open-minded to gather enough information required of the field in which we are going. Knowing when to do, why to do will make a frame for your work but knowing what and how to do it will make your work inside the frame and well organized. Detailed work brings more work to you because the client or the assignment provider will know how persistent and curious you are as well as how good you are listening to what is the demand of the assignment given. 

Different Writing Style

Writing Style is the signature of a writer which has to be unique and engaging to readers. I prefer a simple writing style and use active voice which will make the reader feel like the writer talks to them and a relationship will be made, But the point to be noted here is I write an abstract article the writing style depends upon the content but simple and engaging writing must be preferred.
Content Writer must focus on the content readers while writing the content and determine the speech and voice being used as well as the selection of words and phrases has to be reader-friendly. The degree of simplicity or complexity should be determined on the basis of the reader, not the writer. The best way to do that is to review the content again and again as a reader and evaluate the success rate of delivery of the message inside the content.

Language Skills  

Language Skills is always an asset. Most of the people use Editors and Proof Readers to make writing meet the high standard as well as make it reader-friendly. Knowing the language on which a freelance writer has to write is the most important factor. If you are writing in English then the following link can solve your problem.
If other languages its better to learn first and then start.


Communication means supplying desired information from one person to another or say one party to another. Communication determines the value of the writing skill we have and the impact of skill of our writing. All of the above 6 skills help the communication be more clear and understandable to the reader and will help readers to summarize the idea served to the reader. Always we have to make sure communication is crystal clear in the easiest way. Remember Communicate to the readers by thinking and being a reader. The key is to express your ideas in their way.

Thank you for reading. Don't hesitate to share. 


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