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Traveling and Freelance Writing

Travelling and Freelance Writing

 Traveling and Freelance Writing

Hi, Team Core
How is Everyone?

Today lets talk about the interrelation between Travelling and Freelance Writing. I fell like everyone loves traveling and each traveler can do freelance writing at least regarding the journey and the experiences they have had pre-journey, during it and after the journey. The best result of freelance writing comes basically with 7 main qualities:

  1. Mental Multi-Tasker
  2. Persistent
  3. Doggedly Determined
  4. Self-Motivated
  5. Humble
  6. Expertise
  7. Confidence
And all their features resemble traveler and their qualities. I will definitely try to elaborate on these qualities on my next segment " 7 qualities for being Freelance Writer".  


An adventure in which a person can see, feel the beauty of nature as it is and the way it has been either wild, suburban, desert as well as respect the presence of each and everything which has been placed by nature in macro or micro level is traveling. 


A traveler not only acknowledges the beauty of mass creation of nature or human but also adapts self in respect to it. As a traveler, the nature of adaptability is in-built or it will build as the travel time and the phase of it increases. 

Freelance Writing 

It is an independent way of writing without being engaged professionally in the related field or topic on which a creator/author is writing; The most amazing thing is if we are able to string words and make meaningful interconnections on them then a hobby becomes a profession and can be turned to the source of income. 

There are lots of travelers who are so lucky and hardworking that they have turned their hobby to a profession and are leaving the freelance life. Most of the travelers are Vloggers, Bloggers, and Authors of most popular Vlogs, Blogs and Best Seller books in this present world. 
Or it goes vice versa that the freelancers who love to write and travel as well really create a masterpiece from nowhere and can see what most of us skip. 

Traveling opens the different aspects of the world, culture, different people and the way of lifestyle which may vary the way a traveler had lived before. The way of change in lifestyle and the way of living of a traveler created diversity not only to his brain but also the soul becomes diversely unique. A traveler never wants to live life the others want to live so-called secured life with basically 9 to 5 jobs and the promotion in work and all those complicated things. They are as simple as the can be and live as simple as they can in their specific way. As stated earlier they see the world in a different way than others so they can express their words as well in the different and a more effective way.
Traveling make a person more compatible with limitless writing and on vast topics which they can and most of them definitely use on writing on their own or freelance.

Most of the freelancer is definitely a traveler because of the way of life traveler lives or wants support freelancing. The diverse freelance job besides writing has made the life of traveler with creativity so easy as they can be anywhere around the world and do whatever they want as well as get financial fulfillment. The financial needs and deeds of travelers can be less or more sometimes depends on the what, where and how they travel and live during travel but definitely the creativity and the diversity they get seeing all around make them able to be the best freelancer in any field but especially in freelance writing and gradually a traveler start writing for themselves. 

I hope you all agree in the inter-relation between "Traveling and Freelance Writing". If yes don't hesitate to share this to others. 

 Traveling and Freelancing Writing


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