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The Story Untold

 The Story Untold

The Story Untold  

Hi, Team Core
How is Everyone

The Untold is all about our story and the feelings which have never been shown or shared. In the beginning, I want to praise all the beautiful souls and their individuality along their uniqueness; There is always something to learn from every individual we meet. Saying this let's start.

I was confused for more than 2 months in order to write in this or not. The topic was in my head and the blog for almost 70 days. Finally thought to give a go cause of the recent encounter with some amazing souls.

Being abroad especially working in an ethnic place and living in a common room shared with different heads and thoughts allows you to enjoy diversity. Loving to travel and enjoy meeting lots of people with different culture has allowed me to understand and acknowledge amazing diversity in people, thoughts, thought process and decision making.

I love the way every individual craft themselves which creates a specific aura which makes that individual who he\she is. The acceptance of your aura in their field creates a really marvelous bonding and the atmosphere becomes extravagant. Acceptance and compromise don't have that difference in real life like the meaning in the dictionary. There is a very thin marginal difference in it in our real life. Acceptance happens willingly and the compromise is an adjustment done and unwillingly.
The best example I use always on it is: "Your dog accepts the presence of you but won't accept the presence of another pet but surely compromise its presence to be with you." But surely the compromise can be changed to acceptance or hate depending on the circumstances and the way relation goes as well as the interference and the time taken in the interference on an aura of each-other. Same goes for every living creature. 
Mostly we knowingly or unknowingly attract people with the aura of the same energy. But it never means we won't be close to the people with an opposite aura, this means opposite auras will only create short life span of relationship or lots of pain in it.
People with the same aura have most of the things in common or the maximum interest things in common. In my opinion, 80\20 principle works in the people interest as well. 20 % of interest occupy 80% of your mind and life. I would recommend everyone to go through the 80-20 principle. It will definitely change the perspective of your thinking. Will try to add the link of it as well at the end of this segment if I found one.
As I was stating before that some recent meets encouraged me to write this segment. I have met all kinds of people some have already been memories, some I don't even remember, some are always in touch even though we are far physically. Some have been and always will be a very very important part of my life and definitely have helped and will help me always to grow in a positive direction and self-betterment. People with charisma and spark have always attracted me especially I love the people who are not static. Because of the only thing certain in this world in Change. Change is the ultimate truth of life and the acceptance of it creates inner peace. 
Happiness is the positive creativity of human mind which includes of so many minute aspects. I met a friend a lot younger than me with many dreams and plan in the future. I have used the terms dreams and plan both because "The plan without execution is just a dream." He has a desire to do things and to become happy which has never stopped him to be happier now. I had read somewhere: "If you can't be proud and happy about your own achievements  no-one must or will ever.
How I wish I would always meet this kind of people or met at least frequently. Such aura helps the surrounding to be happier. Every encounter has always given me a very good knowledge of a person and that's when I decide to carry on to that person or not. In this case, I'm the old school who still believe 1st impression is and could to be the last. The desire to learn and continuous growth has always been the cause of reasonable development in the human brain.
There is so much to learn inside of the happy face which is untold and unshaped just crude thought, ideas and pain. There also so much to learn from untold faces which are sad, stressed, tired or confused.
There is a lot to gain and very few to give. I wish I could give even 0.01% of the total I have got from those magnificent auras around me.
Thank you for everyone who has and had helped me to be what I am and how I am. It has been a great journey so far and I wish to make it more worthwhile.

Thanks for all the good souls reading this segment.
80\20 rule for you all    


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