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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

 Lost and Found

Hi, Team Core
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

Today the abstract is all about us; Me, You and Everyone
Lets Start
I am always fascinated with the Lost and Found Section of the Mall, Super Market or any Official Places. The place where you report if you lose something or find something. It's so unique and strange as well as odd. Just imagine if I lose a bag in a Mall I will report in the Lost and Found Section or if I found someone's bag I will report it to the Lost and Found Section. The same place to report of you lose or you get. Life is also like the Lost and Found Section; You have so many loosed things as well as found so many things in life. You lose most important things you will be really upset but even if you found the very small thing you will be very very happy. So the moral is what you loose gives you pain but not as joy as you will find.

Life is always so complicated to understand if you make it or so simple if you know it. The ups and downs, high and low as well as loss and gain are always the part or say a section of it. You are born you loos the 9 months inside mom, you grow to the kid but loose infant but find kinder, become teen but loose kinder, become an adult loose teen and so on and on.
I am really having the problem to express this so going round and round. Will start with a question: Have you ever found the most important thing or a person you have ever loosed and had never hoped to found it back???? Then you know my feelings. The feeling for disbelieving, The feeling of happiness as well as the hidden fear of losing everything again. And again you feel why things happen; what if it hasn't had happened??? You will always be surrounded by something you never know and will be with something you always knew. The feeling is strange I wish I could define.
I have to say guys feeling of being loved and loving someone is great and trust me I hate the quotas that say set your love free if its meant to you will come back to you because I don't wanna wait to someone and something which don't have or had space to me.
I really loved someone really hard in-fact hard like a rock (hahahahaahaa) I believed so. All ups and downs were forgotten by her presence but fucking suddenly I loosed her, was very difficult coz when I loosed her I was next to her. When I was with her I mean in relation I was far when I was close her was far. You know the feeling of being next to a person and being so so far I don't think you know. You wanna hug and say everything is alright but you can't. It's really awkward.
Will express you my state of mind before and after lost and found today. I know till now you have understood what I mean.
I found her somewhere in the odds. We came to know each other in an odd way as well hope if she reads it she knows it. It was almost impossible that we will be together but we fall in love which I had been a few times already but this was strange; the knock was different, even the feelings were odd. We were really into it, I had to go abroad as I had and still have a lot to do in the part of my family. But suddenly I knew we were off the hook. It was like falling to a Niagara and you don't know to swim. But you are safe and are proud of being safe. You get yourself around trying to pretend to be strong and slowly you will as well but what you will do if she will come back to you suddenly. Fuck your throat comes in your mouth, I know you will the try to avoid the situation but how long ????? There will be the situation you will accept or let it go but you can't do anything. You will be hopeless and will just wait..........
I waited as well as you would do but the feelings who will control that. How I wish I could control......................................
Thanks for reading.


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Hi, Team Core
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