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"How Does Mind Works and How It Should"

"How Does Mind Works and How It Should"

 "How Does Mind Works and How It Should"

It's really unique and self strange how does the brain work and process the information as well as the environment and mindset effects it. Understanding all the system and functional process of the brain has still not been possible and will never be. Every single human brain is identical and identically unique. Simply saying all are homo-sapience but are individually unique and one and only creation with all uniquely beautiful features. It's like the same brand producing different models of phone and different people using the same model in their unique ways. Which never elevate or depreciate the value using but we as a human race always elevate and depreciate each other with the use of brain and the processing of information
The biggest question is "Can we control the information processing system, If we can on what extent?? This should be the question asked for self by each individual.
First of all, we need to understand what can affect our brain or so-called mind in easy words external interference in decision making. In my country, there is a very common say " A dog burnt with a lump of hot coal gets scared in the thunder". I don't think I could relate that in a proper way as the translation didn't fit well in my mind but when you will think you can come with the perfect translation because you information processing system can be stronger than me. And if you are reading this definitely it is. All the events, action and reaction from the day one of our birth till now has been stored in our sub-conscious mind just the difference is the most processed and the most effective information can be remembered. I didn't want to use the word remember because there is noting that mind can forget just lots of semi-useful or useless information are not re-occurred by the brain but it will be stored. These all information patterns definitely affects our processing system and must as well.
I remember lost of things happened when I was in Assam, India for a few years studying as the life was hard to me, my sister, mom, and dad. I learned about a real breadwinner at that time. Me and my mom used to put vegetables grown in our land in the bicycle, I was young to carry all those with my mom on it and the market was far. I remember each moment of that event and the pain I saw in my mom's eyes to see her son struggling and I was even able to see the hard work and frustration in my dad's eyes. Slowly things became more worst and we came back to Nepal somehow got on our feet and we are where we are now. But most of the things happened 3/4 years after our return from Assam I don't remember as they weren't able to set the footprint in my information processing system and being a more comfortable and relaxed moment in my life they couldn't stay printed in my conscious mind.
All the point behind this is that information which is directly or indirectly stored in our mind effect on decision making. Like till now if someone says me that they are migrating to the place where I was from in Assam. I suggest them not to do so even though it has been highly progressed now and I have been their multiple times.
Information Processing is the most important system that's also a reason why brains are always respected. Like a famous comedian said "If I was Newton I would be thankful to God and eat that apple like all the normal people did till then, But Newton thought why and that wasn't enough for him; He also continuously keep on asking himself how??? and what made it fall?? These are the question we need to ask ourselves as well during processing information through our system. What is the information related with?? How does the information impact or effects me ?? Who is the informant?? Why is the information being processed??

Asking what gives you the value of the information to you, How gives you the exterior effect and your stand on it, who gives you the answer of the trust-worthiness and why gives you the reason to process it or store it in the place where it never comes back to conscious mind in the long run.

Lord Buddha said," We become What and about Whom we think the most". 

Which means the Information Processing System can be controlled to a greater extent. Putting right information only through by asking those few questions. Having positive people around and omitting the negative people and influences, Doing creative things or at least the creative way to do things, Setting short term and long term goals, setting target time and work-frame to achieve it on top the most important believing in ourselves, our own created surrounding and our dreams will not only make us mentally strong and focused but also physically fix. These things give us the reason to get up in the morning, they keep us going, they say us choose which is chosen for us and the choice is the best. And ultimately help us to only process the information correctly and let us know where to store that information.

Remember none of the information coming to us can be deleted or not stored but just can be determined where to store it and how to re-occur them or re-process them.
Always remember" In the struggle of existence the fittest only survives for which we need to always be ready for anything and learn how to adapt, learn what to keep it and what to leave." Thanks to Mr. Charles Darwin for helping me to create this segment for you all.

Many Thanks too you all for reading.
Will be back soon with another segment. Please respond in the comment box and share if you like it.


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