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The Purpose

The Purpose

 The Purpose

Hi, Team Core
Has been a long while

Today I'm feeling really positive as well as feeling the same for the past few weeks. Life is like a roller coaster or says like the wave/tide especially of the ocean. Have you ever observed sea or ocean having waves and tide? Some waves/tides are occasional some are always there and some come according to time. Waves are very important as the balance heat level in the water body as well as tide are also important and occur because of the gravitational force of Sun and Moon to Earth. Same goes for life as well there are some things which always remain with us, some come and be there for a while and few comes and goes again and again. Some are there because of others. There is nothing that ever lasts forever nothing at all. You can also call it the hack of Almighty or the Infinite Intelligence.

Everything in this world has the purpose or say there is a reason behind anything or everything. There is the reason now I'm writing and you are reading this. It's itself funny that a fragmented time makes my writing past to you and your reading future to me. Infinite Intelligence has the set of everything to happen in the sequence and series. Infinite Intelligence is all source of happiness or sadness and its all a mindset. Everything happened to you had happened for a purpose. Where you are now and why you are there also is the purpose. The life itself is a purpose to make it a worth-while.
Is your life purposeful? What are you doing now or will be doing in future does that defines for the purpose you have for your life? If it doesn't help for your purpose then your purpose of life is already changing my friend and you don't even know. As the energy and neither be created or destroyed, It can only be transformed from one to another same goes for the purpose as well it's also a strong form of energy. We need to be well aware that everything happening around you and your world has a purpose and you can't change the purpose of almost anything happening just you have to be in the situation or you have to be in the action plan frame which will match to the purpose of life. The only thing we can do is to know our purpose of life and the purpose of things we are doing in life to lead to meet its purpose. That will allow us to know our purposeful social circle. Which will let to the purposeful action plan and then creates the purposeful situation and the enjoyable pathway will be heading to the purposeful life.
We can start with baby steps. Initially, we can set small goals and follow the discipline to achieve the set target which after doing will really amaze you. One after another will give you enough confidence and will let yourself know what your capacity and trust me you will be amazed. The power of self-discipline and the happiness acquired by you will completely change you and your world. You know what! we didn't do it or we didn't know till now but again as now we know we will still not do it as its human nature and as well the purpose of the things you do now has already lead you to something else.
Always remember the Infinite Intelligence has a purpose for each of our life we aren't just born to live and leave this world without being purposeful. Such a purpose that's itself unique and worth it. In this pace and fast-moving world, we don't even have that extra time or the time for our-self. To see inside us and to know what actually we want in life or what our life purpose. So basically we are lost and a lost person can't really find his or her peace as well as purpose that's why those small goals and the discipline set by self and moving step to raise the bar and make goals tougher and tougher in such a way that achieving becomes a habit and the purpose of life will be crystal clear.
To be happy, stress-free and focused we need to know the world inside us than focusing on the outer world. If inside is beautiful and in peace, the out will reflect in the same way. Need to know self first then knowing others and the world.
There is a lot into us, On our mind.
Let's focus on our own purpose.
And stay happy and stay in peace.
Making life purposeful as it always has the purpose should be the ultimate choice.
Find out the purpose of life and live with pride and be proud of yourself
Just remember nothing last forever. Neither your happiness or your sadness. Not even your pride, egos or attitude. Just remain your purpose and the result of the work done by you.  You are here to live a purposeful life not to please everyone and make them happy. You are here to live an authentic life with pride and purpose.
I will feel this segment was worth-while if it will help even one person to find inner peace and his or her purpose of living and head to a disciplined life.

Thank You for reading.
Will be back soon.


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