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The Perception

The Perception

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the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses.
"the normal limits to human perception"
the way in which something is regarded as understood or interpreted.
"Hollywood's perception of the tastes of the American public"

Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the presented information, or the environment. Wikipedia

Perception is the process of recognizing and interpreting sensory stimuli. Learn the definition of perception, how it is related to the five senses, how it differs from reality, and more.
Interpreting Sensory Information

Think of all the ways in which you experience the world around you. For example, you recognize your favorite food by its aroma and the way it looks. You recognize an orange by its round shape, citrus flavor, and its color. You recognize a song by listening to its melody and the singer's voice. It is through these sensory experiences that we interact with and interpret things in our world. Recognizing and interpreting sensory information, such as sound and smells, are all a part of perception.
If we just focus on the above paragraph our perception is so uniquely designed as per our surrounding and the senses. For example, my last name is Roka which if a Lithuanian people hear the process fox in their mind and if a Nepalese people hear the last name. And the funny part if the basic stimulation and advanced simulation of the information processed. If a say an apple all of us will think about an apple which we learned in childhood the red, shining apple but if I add just a word green the whole perception changes and for more advanced stimulation I say apple I-pad 126 GB black; The entire picture and information inside mind changes.

Perception Defined

Perception can be defined as our recognition and interpretation of sensory information. Perception also includes how we respond to the information. We can think of perception as a process where we take in sensory information from our environment and use that information in order to interact with our environment. Perception allows us to take the sensory information in and make it into something meaningful.
For example, let's look at our perception of words. Each letter of the alphabet is in itself a singular letter. When we perceive words, we think of them as one singular unit that is made up of smaller parts called letters. It is through this organization of letters into words that we are able to make something meaningful. That is, we perceive an entire word, and this word has a specific meaning that can be found in the dictionary.
Perception is also necessary for us to survive in our environment. For example, before parents feed their babies microwaved food, they taste it in order to make sure that the temperature isn't too hot. This involves using sensory information (touch and taste) to make sure that the food is not dangerous for infants.

I think until you reach here you have overall got the idea perception and how does your senses and the brain set work to affect the result of the information input to the output. Perception has a unique feature as it is affected by so many things and events as well as the mindset. Like we can illustrate an example if we see a Ferrari on the road we already make our mind that the guy driving it is a rich dude. The effect of the expensive object reflects the automatic perception about the person and this is termed as inter-related sensory perception. Our Perceptions are deeply affected by our infant period and childhood because as per the studies 0 to 7 years is the period of hallucination which is a virtual perception. We will not go deep into it but the basic and the most important information for parents and siblings for the infants and the child under 7 years is all the perspective of things will be set in the mindset of kids at that age. Its up to us to make them feel strong, happy, free, rich or anything we want. Basically saying we can decide what kind of a person we are developing. Need to be careful about everything we do, say, act in front of them at that period of time.

Perception without Awareness

Perception without awareness denotes the fact that a stimulus exerts causal influence on mental processes or behavior without being phenomenally experienced. The main challenge has been to demonstrate that perception without awareness exists, for example, the presentation of stimuli below the threshold or examining patients who suffer from blindsight. More recently, qualitative dissociation between perception with and without awareness have been found.
As we came to know how all things work to give you the perception of anything. Perception without awareness is a huge topic to talk about its automatic generated system may be based upon past experiences or the fact we have been recorded inside our mind time to time. A simple example can be if a child was beaten in his/her childhood by father can probably hate any father figure in the future or once you were burnt by a cup of coffee you will be very careful to even hold the cold one. What we see around even if its the first time, whom we meet even if its a first time, whatever we taste even if its a first time our all senses, past experiences and fact as well as our neural system make a decision before knowing the real fact as the process is lightning quick. 

We have a different culture and different upbringing as well even if we were from the same culture as well as our childhood effect a lot to our way of thinking and the way of seeing things which as alter the perception of the same person, same incident and same environment in two different people.
Just be aware what you think about a subject(person, incident or any environment) is mostly the automatically processed data of your brain so need to be more careful to process the new data to reach to the clear perspective about the subject. There is a very slight difference between perception and perspective. The data processing system is so quick and so uniquely developed inside the brain which is very hard to set but not impossible. If we are well aware of all this we will be able to wait, hold, turn around and see the whole perspective of the subject. 

Extra Sensory Perception

This can be called as the super-powers which are sent to happen around the world in which we are living. I just wanted to give the overall idea of this as well as we are talking about the topic.
Telepathy: the ability to read another person's thoughts
Clairvoyance: the ability to "see" events or objects happening somewhere else
Precognition: the ability to see the future
Retro-cognition: the ability to see into the distant past
Medium-ship: the ability to channel dead spirits
Psychometric: the ability to read information about a person or place by touching a physical object

The perception is a very strong stimulant in human life. It's on us to choose to think the glass is half full or half empty. It's on us to see nine from the top and the six from the bottom. Its all on the processing of mindset and practice and practice which will lead he perfection. Lastly, I want to end up by sharing you a very wonderful example of the perception, Just imaging its raining if you think the rain is awful you will feel the same if you think raining is ok you will feel ok but if you think raining is wonderful you will feel wonderful. If you are from Nepal and live in Nepal; It rains a lot so it can be awful or ok but if you are from the Middle East and you are visiting Nepal and it rains it can be fantastic.

Hope this segment was helpful as writing it was fun.
Enjoy everyone.
Let me know what the way of your perception on half full or half empty glass.

See Ya all soon.


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