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Three StoryTellers

Three StoryTellers

The voice has been pitched in the best way of the situation with great expressions and gestures can change the whole impact of the communication in the human brain.

Today I really miss some people and situations in my life as they have impacted in a great way of my living till now. What can we do good or bad; Memories are memories. I was thinking to talk about the three storytellers but now want to exchange my real life experiences to everyone as well.
I know all of us have encountered these people and we are also one, two or all three of them inside. I have shared so many things to so many people close or far to my heart. Sometimes about myself, sometimes about others; many many things. My excitement, pain, anger, failure, success, hate was important to me not who the listeners are. I feel the same happens to everyone. But most of the time we end of being with the person who somehow has gone through or is in the same emotional pathway. And the communication becomes more dense and deep.

The Self Story Tellers 

We all love to speak about ourselves may be some do with specific people, friends, and family only; But the point is we love to. This is good as we can recall the memories as well as all those emotions again. The listeners will also fell glad the teller is sharing a piece of him/her to them. This type of stories goes all the corner of the world, touches all the emotions, creates all the fun and excitement. Just remember any story you have shared to your friends and the way it went; sometimes it does not end for hours. I have a friend a bit closer to me then rest I remember sharing him my experience and excitement  of going to Al Ain for the first time,  then he took me to Fujairah and then to Umm Al- Quwain and Ras Al-Khaimah (Basically all the states of UAE I have not visited), Then we headed to Nepal where he took me to Manang, Mustang and many more places than to the food I don't even remember all those dished he talked about, after that we were leading music and on and on. Inside deep inside, I was thinking why, why the hell on earth I went to Al Ain and even if I went there why I said to this guy. But he is a good friend a very good one. I am 100% sure we all have been through these type of situation at least once in our life.
Do you remember that one friend who knew everything, could do everything, whatever topic you are discussing he/she has something to say NA NA has many many things to say and always have stories to share same types of your but you feel lucky that we have one but he/she will have tons of those. Like you kissed a girl in some romantic way but he has done in the same way for more than 5 times. Maybe your crush called you all of a sudden but the same situation has already happened to that lady friend of yours 10 times. I know what you are thinking now, you may be recalling that friend of your's name but please don't write in the comment box better share this to him/her.
One of my room-mate shared me his story and I don't know it's right or wrong to share it in here but it is so inspiring and so real I can't stop myself. I wish I could mention his name but the name doesn't really matter.
So, He and his family used to live in the hilly reason of our country Nepal. There was a long 12 years period in Nepal when Maoist had a Civil war against Government and as per them (Maoist) was for the betterment and empowerment of people when he was forced to join them because he was a good athlete and had tried to join British and Indian Army before. He is the only son in the family with 3 sisters. When he refused to join then he was bitten, emotionally broke and forcefully made a group leader in the public. His Uncle helped him to run away to the capital city Kathmandu from where he was planning to go abroad. He applied for Singapore but the agent ran way with almost USD 4500 of his which is a huge amount for a lower class Nepalese. He went to Malaysia then. Worked there for about 8 years hardly paid the debts. Now is in  Dubai, in more debts for providing shelter for his family, is married and has a son and the situation is same just a bit old and has some health issues but always is happy for the life he and his family has and always in positive.

The Narrators 

I think you already understood what I mean right Narrators are those who can convey the message or the story better than the original storytellers. As the Director of the movie and Narrators are more popular in all the groups like the movie Directors as people hardly remember the Script Writer after the movie is released. Content can be delivered more effectively with some masala.
I love Narrators, I love them so much that when they come to me and start saying the same thing I already heard from the Script Writer I act like this was the first time I have been hearing and most of the time do parroting as well to accelerate his effort given in the storytelling. Narrators are also best listeners as I think they listen and visualize the story in their head, create a scene and the best way to convey that story. Basically, they are the visual and sound effect of the story to be conveyed.
Lately, news got viral in the Nepalese circle of social media regarding rape and the requirement of a death sentence for the rapist in Nepal. There was a lady protester who protested semi-naked in front of the Parliament which got more hype because the 13-year-old kid was brutally raped and killed. It is a very sensitive topic to talk about but one of my elder mate he ended up explaining to me about this news and like I said you know me ha, what I did. He started his movie, continued smoothly I joined him as well. Like when he said the semi-naked lady I said with more surprise "Semi-Naked"  he was more excited. When he said Parliament I said "OMG Parliament" he was more pumped but finally to make his movie exciting he ended up making that Holly Hearted Protester the sister of the baby girl raped and trust me if someone who has never heard or read about that news would really believe his and in such a way that would only listen to stories from him.
I fell like this kind of tellers are the reason for the way media is now. Its not the media's fault it the people working in the media are Narrators as well as the people who listen and hear are also Narrators. I remember the Chinese game of whispering a proper sentence from 1 person to 10 when it reaches the tenth guy the whole perspective of the message will be changed.

The Real Story Tellers

Real Story Tellers, the story which never exists, which has no value, has no purpose. It was just created to create a creative misunderstanding in the human brain. Like human science says more than 70% of stories and things going around us are not of our interest. But what to do we the best creation of Almighty have to know and put our fingertips in everything; This human behavior creates the real storytellers because they don't do anything they just love to enjoy or say manipulate your brain and play with your emotions and feelings. They just come up with something which as no any existence and no reality but they will implant that story in your head in such a way that if you will not be careful to analyze it will be your reality. They tell you those stories for only two reason
1. For their benefit and 2.To hurt your emotions
For an instant you think that your Boss doesn't like you just because you made a silly mistake then your supervisor will play with your mind by adding things up which keeps you farther to clear things up and start serving that supervisor as an anchor so he/she could settle his/her ship. Wrong information is worst then no information so we always need to verify where, how, why and who is the media or the medium. Like there is a very popular saying "Trust But Always Verify". These Real Story Tellers are all the way around and mostly will win your trust and pretend to be a friend and slowly poison your surrounding and yourself and you never know. I have hundreds of examples happened or happening in my life and don't want to illustrate because if you are reading this. All the names who have ever done this and are doing will come to your mind automatically. The only way to encounter them less is to be careful and strong, always analyze the situation and if you feel something is wrong then face that person immediately. We can be the best of our self if we are more vigilant of our surrounding. Having a small real circle of friends and well-wishers is far better than thinking self popular in the circle of Real Story Tellers.

'Don't ever stop yourself, Do what you think is right but always think if its right or good enough to be done. Be the Story yourself but the positive one.' 

Thanks for Reading Good People.


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