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Standing in front of the mirror, seeing self eye to eye or closed and stating how stunning you are and would like to be, all those self-praise, self-instruction; Standing or sitting in front of the holy sprite of any religion you belong and expressing the feeling, bursting self-guilt or the desires; Closing eyes in the Morning and Thanking lord for what an amazing day he has offered us, what an amazing life, most loving/caring parents, beloved wife, fantastic kids, friends and family, deserving job or business; Closing eyes at Night and thanks for the day and the best way the day had passed and the visualization of the day passed, lesson learned and mistake made as well as apologizing for the mistake made and learning from them; All this and many more can be stated as the prayer.
Today I was inspired to write by the Whats App status of my Co-worker about this topic and felt to express the ways of prayer which can be done or especially I do.

1. Self Suggestion
 Self Suggestion

We are the creation of the Almighty or for some people by nature. There is a reason being the best creation which can think and react so perfectly according to it and the most astonishing thing is the way we all differ in almost all aspects as well as we are similar in all aspects. Self Suggestion can be the best way for anyone who weak self-steam. I just want all of us to imagine being in front of the mirror and thinking about us how amazing we are, so good looking as well as doing things for being more beautiful like makeup, handling clothes, dressing hair which enhances our outer beauty and similarly if you see ourselves in the mirror and parsing self and instructing self is making up our inner beauty. We all are best and of the only kind and filling self with the positive charges will definitely lead us to a positive and happy way of life.
Especially I follow self-suggestion for making me out of the negative mood and always to thank for the life, family, work and all those privileges I have. This really boosts my self-steam and also makes the purpose of living clear.

2. Morning Thanking Statement   
 Morning Thanking StatementFor me, this is the most powerful way of prayer as it helps us to kick start day in the best way we can and start positively. Getting up in the morning and thanksgiving for the morning and upcoming day, as well as all those, loved once, earth, air, water basically all those aspects which affect our lives as well as requesting all those forces to lead our life towards positivity and most importantly believing in self and the desired situation leads us to those all wishes and desires to come true. 
For me I thank the Almighty to specially the life I have given for care provided by family and parents, for the air to be available to breadth, for water and food to be provided and had been provided by the nature, for the work which provides to my family and self, for the health and prosperity. And for all those positive things and vibes always being ready to come to me.

3. Bed Time Conclusion 
 Bed Time Conclusion
Bedtime conclusion can be the best self-analytical prayer which we all can do just before going to bed. Taking few long breaths in and out, relaxing self and going to all those core events of the day which really affected the day, yourself and others directly or indirectly and evaluating the act done by you and others and their effect. If someone has knowingly or unknowingly harmed you or insulted you lets it go. Throw all the negativity for self and the surrounding not only helps to cure your soul but also helps in the pleasant sleep.

Even if I miss any of the above two I never miss the third one because its the self-analysis and provides a clear vision of the surrounding you are living every second. I believe "People can lie to others but cannot lie to themselves."

4. Visiting The Holy Place
Visiting Temple,Church, Mosque,Guru Dwar or any other Holy place where you get the feeling of you are not alone in your struggle or you success; The divine power of Almighty will always lead you to the right way or will help get over all the pain you have and provide what you deserve gives the strength to your mindset and purifies the soul. It reminds us that we have all our ancestor, grandparents, parents and all relatives and friends who are directly or indirectly wish for the betterment of our life as well as have an impact in it for progressive results.

In my case, I visit the holy place once in a while since I have been living in Dubai for about 2 years have been to the temple twice. The inspiration to go there was my beloved younger brother and the teammate Mr. Raul Singh Maharjan. Couldn't stop thanking him for my heart since them. Have promised to visit at least once on the fortnight.

The way we think, the way we talk, the way we open up, the way we treat us, the truthful we are in-self and others, the way we work all is the state of prayer. Thanks for the inspirational status to my fantastic Mama.

May all get what is supposed to be got and what is supposed to be given by the grace of infinite intelligence and the power of Almighty.

Please comment the way you pray.

Thank You. 


  1. You r right...when i pray to god...and talk to him...I feel a bit relief...may be actually I am talking to myself at that time i.e., my inner self...which help me to get motivated...for me any holy place from any religion can give u the same result if u can find peace there,if the silence of that place brings tears in your eyes.


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