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Finding Happiness

                                       Finding Happiness 

Hi, People it has been a long, tiring, stressful and obstacular life so far but only when I have a problem or pain else I can refer when the thoughts are negative or the situation is. Generally most of the time in life. There is always a pressure like a whistle head of the pressure cooker and the stove burner is always in maximum flames. Anytime ready to whistle; Just the difference is the volume of the whistle. its funny na. Sometimes it's too loud, some time medium and sometimes too ignorable. Same fire, same flame, same pressure cooker in-fact the same whistle but the different impact of the sound and effect. There is always a struggle going around. Family problems, job problems, personal problems, other problems, this problem and that problems oooo..... wait wait I missed the biggest "Salary". Looks like all starts and ends with the problem. But how about happiness. I mean I can feel it sometimes don't you? Like the sound of the ATM machine, Message of the Bank in the cell as the salary gets credited, You hungry and when you reach room the food is ready, Last 10 minutes of your shift, Morning Message from your crush, unexpected call from the loved one and you know what the best of the best; Call from your friend in your day off "Bro, Lets catch up in the Bar tonight." Your heart says "Oooooooo Yeah."
Being here so far from family and my relatives as well as old friends has affected me a lot but knowing new people and the most important accepting their existence in the world and making them a part of my world always fascinates me. Knowing more people is an eye opener  I will come to know a bit more of a person inside me. I inside me is quite strange, I don't know why???? He thinks happiness is less and the pain is more just because work is for 11 months and 1-month vacation. It sounds too stupid, isn't it? He thinks happiness is on small things whereas the pain is everywhere, he even calculates the impact of the happiness like receiving a salary is happiness but sending home and the feeling of pride is more than receiving a salary. Being a parent for the first time is very big happiness but seeing that pleasant smile in your kids face every-time you go closer is priceless, Smiling faces of friends, when you go back to your home in vacation, is happiness but the tears rolling down from your mother's cheek is just something else.
"Small small things gives you happiness" he states. Whole week we are busy calling so many people but that one call to family is happiness. Happiness is seeing smile in other's faces from the heart not eyes, happiness is being happy in someone else happiness, it's a simple joy that takes away big big worries. Worrying in someone else problem and helping them out of it. Always trying to bring smile in other faces, being always positive and not thinking or doing bad to others, taking care of self and surrounding, loving self and others is a simple formula of happiness. You know what he said to be that blew my mind away "We are humans and our happiness is on being humans, if we start or will start behaving like animals or insects how we can be happy, Just imagine Lion in the office roaring to all those foxes, horses, zebras and on and on; for sure happiness will end. Behave like human and get results like human coz 90% of the problems arise if we create or tend to create problems to others." Giving is happiness not always getting and stealing, Evaluating things correctly is happiness and the most importantly knowing yourself first them starting to know others is the starting process of happiness. So, know yourself, your peace, your soul, your desire, your negativity, your problems, your issues,your this and your that. Fix it them spread happiness.
Peace and Love to all.


  1. Its a great way of the micro describtion of happiness. Loved to read it


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