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7 Days of Vacation

7 Days of Vacation 

 7 Days of Vacation

Commonly called local leave here in Dubai, UAE. Staying in one of the best city in the world and not going to your home, loving to lay down in the bed for 7 days wasn't a joke. I know what you all people are thinking;  It's really very hard to just be on your own for 7 long days and night. First 2 days will flow like a trace of the bullet, you won't even realize and then slowly the time holds you and then holds itself. You will be dying for the time and days to pass. In the third day, I decided to join the class for the Digital Marketing was hard having a professional background of Food and Beverage and quite a baby in the digital world but also was fun to know the different aspect of self. Realization of so many pathways to living and missing out almost everything in the world made me feel a bit down but an easy statement only a person who flies as plane is called pilot and the beautiful ladies who serve everyone especially inside the flight are air-hostess and all of us sitting called passengers; made all thoughts clear. We are designed specially to do a task but if we can do more is our capability and an asset.
Talking about Digital Marketing I came through so many terms and ways to see a simple day to day things and the multiple processes of doing them. Hope will help a lot in the upcoming days. 
Buying a domain in has also been an asset of the vacation for me. You know I was and still am and always will be writing but apart of writing, you have to do and know so many things to let it reach to the people. These 7 days taught me how hard working all those YouTubers, Bloggers and all those digital world people have to work. Before used to think was a piece of cake with the cash as the cherry on top. Huge respect to all those people out there to create every piece which helped millions to smile and inspired millions in life to do something.
I learned about a blog from Youtube, I learned how to write a blog on Youtube, Even buying a domain almost everything. Youtube has been the mother of a new generation. Still, I'm learning and will always be.
 7 Days of Vacation

Blogger has been a great asset to me on expressing myself as well as spending quality time. I started to blog not for making money or showcasing what I don't have or to show people I know something. It has been a day to day storytelling platform for me. I write when I'm happy, I write when I'm sad, I write when I cry or smile basically I write always. 
These 7 days have changed me a lot, you know being away from family keeps you thinking always about family. The loans you have, debts to pay, when to get settled in life and so on and so on. But these 7 days I spend mostly for myself on knowing me, learning what I want, doing what I wanted to. Making my bucket list will definitely share about my bucket list on next writing.
I really wish I was so independent that I could do what I want to do, what I like to do but no hard thoughts I love my work and this section of work as well. Job starts on Monday Guys, it's time to wash clothes now. C ya soon.

Sushil Roka


  1. Congratulation ....and all my best wishes to you.
    The way you work n forget about other things which doesn't matter in your life ,you will get evrything that you want and deserv.


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