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The Burning Desire

" Wishing so strong of something with strategic plan of achieving it is called desire."

" Definite purpose so strong of getting something even the nature helps us to get it is called desire."

Today an interview I watched made me think what is the definite purpose so strong for me the I can call it my burning desire. My brain strikes desire of being happy, I say yes that's it. But when I thought about what was or is the happiness for me. Being rich, taking care of my parents, being an owner of a successful business or a successful blogger WOW so many definitions of happiness of mine. I realize I wasn't sending a proper information to my brain to process  so far regarding my burning desire or even the many desires I ever had. Firstly I never had a concise choice of positive statements or words. My statements were half positive or negative and I used to think them positive. I came to realize positive word in a universal positivism not only for me.If my words will have negative impact on others still its negative. Secondly I rarely had a clear visualization. I never or sometimes visualized of getting what I want and It wasn't so strong and clear. Lastly the most important part corresponding feeling. If I wanted something so much then I should have felt it like i have it or at least how will I fell of having it. Felling is an emotion and an emotion is an energy and energy is a source. 
 I say I want to be the Owner of  a Business. I should have had a concise choice of positive words " I want a successful food business which serves healthy food in a happy environment."I must visualize being an Owner of the successful establishment which serves healthy food and the environment is very jolly. Finally the most important part is the feeling of being an owner of the thing I desired of, that peace of mind and joy, the happiness of achievement and feeling of being proud. Feeling of being yourself.
As stated in the beginning I saw an interview on "Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind". Have a look below this will definitely help you to change your thinking pattern.   


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