Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Three Fishermen

In this world where we live or where we are around. I believe we all are fisherman and fish at the same time. As Charles Darwin said it only depends upon the favorable conditions and adaptability to change a prey to a predator and vice-versa.
In this abstract writing I just want to share the things that I have seen and noticed all around me. If it will be worth reading  then it would be great.

Lets Begin

In the small coastal region town somewhere around the globe were 3 people who chose the common profession as fisherman. They were  Krish, Omar and Yash.
Krish had a family of 7 members which included his mom, dad, a loving wife and 3 kids. He was a very hard working as well as smart guy who knew all the tricks and tunes of fishing. He had a family he had to fish more often as profession requires hard work and luck.
Omar also had a family but of 3; Loving wife and an infant. Fishing was one of his hobbies and turned to a profession lately. 
Yash was a happy and blessed person as he was single. But had mom, dad and sister to take care of with a very broke back ground. 
They had all the appliances to fish in the sea. Just the difference was the place where they fish. Krish loved the peaceful place so he used to fish a bit far from the shore. Omar loved the greenery so used to fish on the places where there would be trees around or the bushes with a sweet songs of birds. Yash didn't mind about the place he used to always think about the harvest. The things in common among them was the sea, profession and the market where they sell the harvested product.
Krish used to focus on quantity of the product he believed on catching more fishes to earn more money, Omar used to focus on quality on catching expensive fishes and Yash didn't mind any of these he was happy at any terms. He caught in quantity he was happy he caught in quality he was happy, he always focused only in one thing that was he never sold the mother fish which is if he caught the fish which would bring him all the money of single day catch but was full of eggs he would not think twice to release it. 
Time went by as all were happy in there profession. Slowly market changed, the concept of fishing changed. Bigger Companies started to focus on fishing industries. The market and the harvest became more competitive. The gadgets they had was not enough for fishing as the big companies had big ships for harvesting and used huge nets, more people to yield more product. Slowly the local government saw fishing as the income source and developed laws and order to maintain while fishing. People fishing single handed weren't allowed to fish in the same sea anymore for security reasons. Entertainment business were developed for fishing by the government. Funny thing was the tag line they used "Fish like a Professional Just in  199 an hour". All the concepts were running so cool in-fact great. The market forgot those three fishermen completely. They were the only source of fish in the town once. Non of them (Krish, Omar and Yash) were believing in all this shit happening. With in a year whole thing was changed. Needed to start for the scratch again. There was no situation to accept or the explanation came. There was nothing but just the emptiness. No sound of a mini-boat anymore. No people gathering around when they open the box of harvest. Empty stomach and a deep cry inside which no-one could hear. Fish Business had been personalized now. People would get on order of fish in there house. Everyone were so happy that no-one cared.
Finally all three realized the time has came to step out of the box before the box would close for good.
Krish remembered all those days he used to single handed run his family and how things changed slowly as his wife had to start to work in the FieldsBurg Fishing Company. How she ended to be the bread winner. How his position changed in the society as well as in the family. Need to do something right, Luckly Krish got a well paid job as a deep sea fisherman in the same company where his wife worked. It took time but the family stood up again all started being well. But no-one every asked how is Krish feeling he smiles, he enjoys the progress of his kids. he watches tv shows with his parents, goes out for dinner with his family and he is still a fisherman..........

Omar could see his son growing and trying those dried packed fish from a brand Fish are Us and how happy Denial (Omar's Son) is with the flavor of it. Its time for Denial to join kinder garden now. Need to do something, Omar started to make people professional fisherman for an hour. Omar loved the greenery now his stall and boat are full of fake leaves and bushes. Speakers give the sound of birds and the waves. He has become the best entertainer and trainer of-course it was his hobby come profession. He has a nice life-style and Denial studies in the most expensive Kinder Garden now. And the most interesting thing is people call Omar the happiest person in planet......... 

Yash knew nothing what to do except fishing and was completely broke. His sister stared to work on her own and life for herself. He was the one who used to fix everything now he was seeing everything being broken, he knows all those scars in the past and the cracks developed in the present. The feeling of couldn't do nothing gives more pain then the cracks and the broken heart. Yash realized he knew nothing in the past as well. Never focused on quality of harvest neither the quantity and didn't even mind about the place of harvest then what he knows. He couldn't find anything inside him. Food had to come to home so he worked what every came in his way. He knew Krish when he did a month deep sea fishing. He knew Omar when he distributed Omar Fishing Expert Flyers all around the town. Basically Yash had no-where to go and nothing to become. He couldn't see any path. Was lost and lost for months and years. Finally the fish-egg theory rocked on his head one day. Now he has his own mini sea just people call that Yash Fisheries where he still fishes but now he care both the quality and the quantity of his harvest. People come to him to get fresh and alive fishes. Some people even point to the fish they want in the water and Yash fills he is the happiest person to catch the one for them. But the society call him stupid and will always do. You know what the good thing is he still doesn't care about the place.

Thanks for reading. Will be back soon.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

"How Does Mind Works and How It Should"

It's really unique and self strange how does the brain work and process the information as well as the environment and mindset effects it. Understanding all the system and functional process of brain has still not been possible and will never be. Every single human brain is identical and identically unique. Simply saying all are homo-sapience but are individually unique and one and only creation with all uniquely beautiful features. Its like a same brand producing different models of phone and different people using same model in their unique ways. Which never elevate or depreciate the value using but we as a human race always elevate and depreciate each other with the use of brain and the processing of information.
The biggest question is "Can we control the information processing system, If we can on what extent?? This should be the question asked to self by each individual. 
First of all we need to understand what can effect our brain or so called mind in easy words external interference in decision making. In my country there is a very common say " A dog burnt with a hot coal gets scared in the thunder". I don't think I could relate that in a proper way as the translation didn't fit well in my mind but when you will think you can come with the perfect translation because you information processing system can be more stronger than me. And if you are reading this definitely it is. All the events, action and re-action from the day one of our birth till now has been stored in our sub-conscious mind just the difference is the most processed and the most effective information can be remembered. I didn't wanted to use the word remember because there is noting that mind can forget just lots of semi-useful or useless information are not re-occurred by the brain but it will be stored. These all information patterns definitely effects our processing system and must as well.
I remember lost of things happened when I was in Assam, India for few years studying as the life was hard to me, my sister, mom and dad. I learned about a real bread winner at that time. Me and my mom used to put vegetables grown in our land in the bicycle, I was young to carry all those with my mom on it and the market was far. I remember each moment of that event and the pain I saw in my mom's eyes to see her son struggling and I was even able to see the hard work and frustration in my dad's eyes. Slowly things became more worst and we came back to Nepal somehow got on our feet and we are were we are now. But most of the things happened 3/4 years after our return from Assam I don't remember as they weren't able to set the foot print in my information processing system and being more comfortable and relaxed moment in my life they couldn't stay printed in my conscious mind.
All the point behind this is those information which are directly or indirectly stored in our mind effect on decision making. Like till now if someone says me that they are migrating to the place where I was from in Assam. I suggest them not to do so even though it has been highly progressed now and I have been their multiple times.
Information Processing is the most important system that's also a reason why brains are always respected. Like a famous comedian said "If I was Newton I would be thankful to god and eat that apple like all the normal people did till then, But Newton thought why and that wasn't enough for him; He also continuously keep on asking himself how??? and what made it fall?? These are the question we need to ask to ourselves as well during processing information through our system.What is the information related with?? How does the information impact or effects me ?? Who is the informant?? Why is the information being processed??

Asking what gives you the value of the information to you, How gives you the exterior effect and your stand on it, who gives you the answer of the trust-worthiness and why gives you the reason to process it or store it in the place where it never comes back to conscious mind in the long run.

Lord Buddha said" We become What and about Whom we think the most". Which means the Information Processing System can be controlled to a greater extent. Putting right information only through by asking those few question. Having positive people around and omitting the negative people and influences, Doing creative things or at least the creative way to do things, Setting short term and long term goals, setting target time and work-frame to achieve it on top the most important believing in ourselves, our own created surrounding and our dreams will not only make us mentally strong and focused but also physically fix. These things give us the reason to get up in the morning, they keep us going, they say us choose which is chosen for us and the choice is the best. And ultimately help us to only process the information correctly and let us know where to store that information.

Remember non of the information coming to us can be deleted or not stored but just can be determined where to store it and how to re-occur them or re-process them.
Always remember" In the struggle of existence the fittest only survives for which we need to always be ready for anything and learn how to adopt, learn what to keep it and what to leave." Thanks to Mr. Charles Darwin for helping me to create this segment for you all.

Many Thanks too you all for reading.
Will be back soon with another segment. Please respond in the comment box and share if you like it.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

The Perception

Hi, Everyone
Have a Happy Reading

the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.
"the normal limits to human perception"
the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.
"Hollywood's perception of the tastes of the American public"

Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the presented information, or the environment. Wikipedia

Perception is the process of recognizing and interpreting sensory stimuli. Learn the definition of perception, how it is related to the five senses, how it differs from reality, and more.
Interpreting Sensory Information

Think of all the ways in which you experience the world around you. For example, you recognize your favorite food by its aroma and the way it looks. You recognize an orange by its round shape, citrus flavor, and its color. You recognize a song by listening to its melody and the singer's voice. It is through these sensory experiences that we interact with and interpret things in our world. Recognizing and interpreting sensory information, such as sound and smells, are all a part of perception.
If we just focus about the above paragraph our perception is so uniquely designed as per our surrounding and the senses. For example my last name is Roka which if a Lithuanian  people hear the process fox in their mind and  if a Nepalese people hear a last name. And the funny part if the basic stimulation and advance stimulation of the information processed. If a say an apple all of us will think about an apple which we learnt in childhood the red, shining apple but if I add just a word green the whole perception changes and for more advance stimulation I say apple I-pad 126 GB black; The entire picture and information inside mind changes.

Perception Defined
Perception can be defined as our recognition and interpretation of sensory information. Perception also includes how we respond to the information. We can think of perception as a process where we take in sensory information from our environment and use that information in order to interact with our environment. Perception allows us to take the sensory information in and make it into something meaningful.
For example, let's look at our perception of words. Each letter of the alphabet is in itself a singular letter. When we perceive words, we think of them as one singular unit that is made up of smaller parts called letters. It is through this organization of letters into words that we are able to make something meaningful. That is, we perceive an entire word, and this word has a specific meaning that can be found in the dictionary.
Perception is also necessary for us to survive in our environment. For example, before parents feed their babies microwaved food, they taste it in order to make sure that the temperature isn't too hot. This involves using sensory information (touch and taste) to make sure that the food is not dangerous for infants.

I think until you reach here you have overall got the idea perception and how does your senses and the brain set works to effect the result of the information input to the output. Perception has a unique feature as it is effected by so many things and events as well as the mindset. Like we can illustrate an example if we see a Ferrari on the road we already make our mind that the guy driving it is a rich dude. The effect of the expensive object reflects the automatic perception about the person and this is termed as inter-related sensory perception. Our Perceptions are deeply effected by our infant period and a childhood because as per the studies 0 to 7 years is the period of hallucination which is a virtual perception. We will not go deep into it but the basic and the most important information for parents and siblings for the infants and the child under 7 years is all the prospective of things will be set in the mind-set of kids at that age. Its up-to us to make them feel strong, happy, free, rich or anything we want. Basically saying we can decide what kind of a person we are developing. Need to be careful on everything we do,say, act in front of them at that period of time.

Perception without Awareness
Perception without awareness denotes the fact that a stimulus exerts causal influence on mental processes or behavior without being phenomenally experienced. The main challenge has been to demonstrate that perception without awareness exists for example, presentation of stimuli below threshold or examining patients who suffer from blind-sight. More recently, qualitative dissociation between perception with and without awareness have been found.
As we came to know how all things work to give you the perception of anything. Perception without awareness is a huge topic to talk about its automatic generated system may be based upon past experiences or the fact we have been recorded inside our mind time to time. A simple example can be if a child was beaten in his/her childhood by father can must probably hate any father figure in the future or once you were burnt by a cup of coffee you will be very careful to even hold the cold one. What we see around even if its the first time, whom we meet even if its a first time, what ever we taste even if its a first time our all senses, past experiences and fact as well as our neural system make a decision before knowing the real fact as the process is lightning quick. 

We have different culture and different up-bringing as well even if we were from the same culture as well as our childhood effect a lot to our way of thinking and the way of seeing things which as alter the perception of a same person, same incident and same environment in two different person.
Just be aware what you think about a subject(person, incident or any environment) is mostly the automatic processed data of your brain so need to be more careful to process the new data to reach to the clear prospective about the subject. There is a very slight difference between perception and prospective. The data processing system is so quick and so uniquely developed inside the brain which is very hard to set but not impossible. If we are well aware of all this we will be able to wait, hold, turn around and see the whole prospective of the subject. 

Extra Sensory Perception
This can be called as the super-powers which are sent to happen around the world in which we are living. I just wanted to give the overall idea of this as well as we are talking about the topic.
Telepathy: the ability to read another person's thoughts
Clairvoyance: the ability to "see" events or objects happening somewhere else
Precognition: the ability to see the future
Retro-cognition: the ability to see into the distant past
Medium-ship: the ability to channel dead spirits
Psychometric: the ability to read information about a person or place by touching a physical object

The perception is a very strong stimulant in a human life. Its on us to choose to think the glass is half full or half empty. Its on us to see nine from the top or the six from the bottom. Its all on the processing of mind-set and practice and practice which will lead to the perfection. Lastly I want to end up by sharing you a very wonderful example of the perception, Just imaging its raining if you think the rain is awful you will feel the same, if you think raining is ok you will feel ok but if you think raining is wonderful you will feel wonderful. If you are from Nepal and live in Nepal; It rains a lot so it can be awful or ok but if you are from Middle East and you are visiting Nepal and it rains it can be fantastic.

Hope this segment was helpful as writing it was fun.
Enjoy everyone.
Let me know what the way of your perception on half full or half empty glass.

See Ya all soon.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

The Purpose

Hi, Good Souls I'm back again.
Has been a long while

Today I'm feeling really positive as well as feeling same for past few weeks. Life is like a roller coaster or say like the wave/tide specially of the ocean. Have you ever observed sea or ocean having waves and tide. Some waves/tides are occasional some are always there and some come according time. Waves are very important as the balance heat level in the water body as well as tide are also important and occur because of the gravitational force of Sun and Moon to Earth. Same goes for life as well there are somethings which always remain with us, some come and be there for a while and few comes and goes again and again. Some are there because of others. There is nothing that ever last for ever nothing at all. You can also call it the hack of Almighty or the Infinite Intelligence.

Everything in this world has purpose or say there is a reason behind anything or everything. There is the reason now I'm writing and you are reading this. It's itself funny that a fragment time make my writing past to you and your reading future to me. Infinite Intelligence has the set of everything to happen in the sequence and series. Infinite Intelligence is all source of happiness or sadness and its all a mindset. Everything happened to you had happened for a purpose. Where you are now and why you are there also is purpose. The life itself is a purpose to make it a worth-while.
Is your life purposeful? What are you doing now or will be doing in future does that defines for the purpose you have for your life? If it doesn't help for your purpose then your purpose of life is already changing my friend and you don't even know. As the energy and neither be created or destroyed, It can only be transformed from one to another same goes for the purpose as well its also a strong form of energy. We need to be well aware that everything happening around you and your world has a purpose and you can't change the purpose of almost anything happening just you have to be in the situation or you have to be in the action plan frame which will match to the purpose of life. The only thing we can do is to know our purpose of life and the purpose of things we are  doing in life to lead to meet its purpose. That will allow us to know our purposeful social circle. Which will let to the purposeful action plan and then creates the purposeful situation and the enjoyable pathway will be heading to the purposeful life.
We can start by baby steps. Initially we can set small goals and follow the discipline to achieve the set target which after doing will really amaze you. One after another will give you enough confidence and will let yourself know whats your capacity and trust me you will be amazed. The power of self-discipline and the happiness acquired by you will completely change you and your world. You know what! we didn't do it or we didn't know till now but again as now we know we will still not do it as its human nature and as well the the purpose of the things you we doing now has already lead you to some thing else.
Always remember the Infinite Intelligence has a purpose for each of our life we aren't just born to live and leave this world without being purposeful. Such a purpose that's itself unique and worth it. In this pace and fast moving world we don't even have that extra time or the time for our-self. To see inside us and to know what actually we want in life or whats our life purpose. So basically we are lost and a lost person can't really find his or her peace as well as purpose that's why those small small goals and the discipline set by self and moving step to rise the bar and make goals tougher and tougher in such a was that achieving becomes a habit and the purpose of life will be crystal clear.
To be happy, stress-free and focused we need to know the world inside us then focusing on outer world. If inside is beautiful and in peace the out will reflect in the same way. Need to know self first then knowing others and the world.
There is a lot into us, On our mind.
Lets focus on our own purpose.
And stay happy and stay in peace.
Making life purposeful as it always has the purpose should be the ultimate choice.
Find out the purpose of life and live with pride and be proud of yourself
Just remember nothing last forever. Neither your happiness or your sadness. Not even your pride, egos or attitude. Just remains your purpose and the result of the work done by you.  You are here to live a purposeful life not to please everyone and make them happy. You are here to live an authentic life with pride and purpose. 
I will feel this segment was worth-while if it will help even one person to find inner peace and his or her purpose of living and head to disciplined life.

Thank You for reading.
Will be back soon.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The 4 M

Hi, Good People I'm back again. 

May be the title sounds odd but I just tried to make it different.
Today I'm going to talk about 4Ms in my life. I can't tell it's for everyone and related to all because this is only based on myself which means no complete research done. I have tried to write my facts and feelings on these 4Ms. If it relates to others as well then I will just call it co-incidence like a television series or a movie.
                                                              Let's begin

I'm Sushil Roka, Son of Prem Roka and Yamuna Roka. Brother of Sandhya Roka. Nephew of lots, Cousin of too many, Relative of uncountable. Born in State of Assam, India and raised in Jhapa, Nepal. Friends of 100s may be Foe for some. Employee and co-worker for many many. But Me(Sushil Roka) now has been lost on all these pieces of me.The responsibilities of being all these pieces kind of takes away the self out so far that its sometimes impossible to get it back or even we want it back never can get it. Slowly after having a relationship the pieces increases and Me will be sliced in lover and so on to father and so on and on. Responsibilities and duties becomes desire and wants. But what I realize is that the pieces gives me happiness and makes me more stronger, So strong that the strength can carry all those pressures. The pieces bring love and affections as well as sometimes misunderstandings. May be I am among very few blessed people who stayed Me for so long as been born and raised in the country like. Being me in my case was just me and only me nothing around, no-one around. I can say that I was turned completely selfish. But now as the Me is gone so far I miss him but I'm in love with this stage of life.
I wish one day I will find Me as well as live the pieces all together happily ever after.

As stated above being so selfish that not being able to see the suffering of others and completely thinking about own-self will surely create blunders but at this point of my life I will just call them mistakes because what ever a person does there is a say that he/she creates an enough reason to himself/herself to justify the wrong and even if he/she doesn't think it was completely right but neither completely wrong. It's like you break up and suffer with the agony of loosing him or her but also remember those bad memories you had with your ex just to justify yourself what ever happened was right enough.. I have made huge mistakes being me in personal relationships, family side even on friends, selection of job, choosing habits. Frankly I was care free, my Me could only see himself, be sorry of himself, happiness of himself, pain of himself. Basically my Me had his own world and remaining things were nothing for my Me. The worst part is selection of wrong friends circle which by habit I still make but now can find out quickly and get rid of them.
I have heard people saying mistakes are the steps towards the positivism or say success in life. I think my mistakes weren't those types. I recall almost all those stupid things I have had ever done somethings make me smile as well as the happiness wasn't so costly for me then but most of the thing are terrifying.

Have you ever got the feeling like you sleep and Almighty would just erase all those worst memories you had in the past from your head. I have been sleeping every single night since 4/5 years like that. Sometimes those things try to popup and its very hard to control. Its like you want to quit cigarette and see your friend smoking like the one he has is the last in the world. 

"As the word mistake itself refers most of the time past tense all my mistakes has already passed over me even though the effects recall you again. My family keeps asking me few things, friends keep on advising somethings I feel bad real bad but it isn't their fault bcoz once a thief always a thief."

I can just say the people who grow up direct to maturity without a pin pointed in life may exist somewhere but are very hard to find. I can't say I'm matured now just can say that now I'm strong enough to see through the situations and think and then act despite of acting and thinking. There are so many inspirations or say role-models in my life now who have directly or indirectly helped me to be emotionally strong and mentally steady. A mature person makes mistakes but just the difference is once he/she knows about it. He /She accepts it and doesn't repeat it anywhere else. What I realized is the hardest part is the acceptance of the mistake made by self. The acceptance of the self flaws and omitting them. Some mistakes are very hard to even omit from life. An example can be the wrong/bad habits for that need to replace with the good one because always remember you can't stop a habit you can just replace it. I can't talk too much regarding this topic as I said earlier that I'm just being strong enough to withstand me and my mistakes maturity is a far-most thing for me.

I don't even know why I thought to add this on the very last moment on writing this blog but I believe that its a very important part of our life. And I believe that marriage is the acceptance of the foreign interference in your own personal world with your own permission. Here when you are reading this I want you all to think marriage as an abstract for this paragraph. We have married to all of our habits as we have accepted them and allowed them to be in our personal sphere, all those friends and family as well. So the result of the habits and behaviors can give us sky or give us the sand. But its we who created it accepted it and allowed it to come to us and when we get the sand we complain. Same for me; I used to complain with me about all those negative circle around me, those negative people for all my down but its my fault as I accepted them and allowed them to enter my horizon. So once I came to know that if you see a person with a knife full of blood and a dead body near him and still you shake hands and be friends so you can't complain later if you loose a body part or a whole body my friend.
Marriage is itself a beautiful feeling specially the moment of happiness everyone near to you live with you. Marriage is a package of life bcoz all times life isn't so good same as marriage. Surely there can be ups and down. Me specially can never be ready for such a commitment ever if its only for me. But they say you don't have to be ready the time must. "A pure soul accepts a purest one for him/her to interfere in their personal parameters and permits it to do so with legal papers. Its an amazing feeling of trust and ownership like you are giving the power of attorney of rest your life. I solute all those married couples who are happy or trying to be happy."

Loosing yourself is not right and no-one has to. But we never loose ourselves we just have to choose to loose the very bad on us to keep the good alive. Marriage/Life is like a Yin-Yang for me. There is bad in good and good in bad just need to maintain the balance.

Thanks for reading people. Please let me know if you liked it.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Three StoryTellers

The voice been pitched in the best way of the situation with a great expressions and gestures can change the whole impact of the communication in the human brain.

Today I really miss some people and situations in my life as they have impacted in a great way of my living till now. What can we do good or bad; Memories are memories. I was thinking to talk about the 3 types of story tellers but now want to exchange my real life experiences to everyone as well.
I know all of us have encountered these people and we are also one, two or all three of them inside. I have shared so many things to so many people close or far to my heart. Sometimes about myself, sometimes about others; many many things. My excitement, pain, anger, failure, success, hate was important to me not who the listeners are. I feel same happens to everyone. But most of the time we end of being with the person who somehow has gone through or is in the same emotional pathway. And the communication becomes more dense and deep.

The Self Story Tellers 

We all love to speak about ourselves may be some do with specific people, friends and family only; But the point is we love to. This is good as we can recall the memories as well as all those emotions again. The listeners will also fell glad the the teller is sharing a piece of him/her to them. This type of stories goes all the corner of the world, touches all the emotions, creates all the fun and excitement. Just remember any story you have shared to you friends and the way it went; sometime it does not ends for hours. I have a friend a bit close to me then rest I remember sharing him my experience and excitement  of going to Al Ain for the first time,  then he took me to Fujairah and then to Umm Al- Quwain and Ras Al-Khaimah (Basically all the states of UAE I have not visited), Then we headed to Nepal where he took me to Manang, Mustang and many more places then to the food I don't even remember all those dished he talked about, after that we were leading music and on and on. Inside deep inside I was thinking why, why the hell on earth I went to Al Ain and even if I went there why I said to this guy. But he is a good friend very good one. I am 100% sure we all have been through these type of situation at least once in our life.
Do you remember that one friend who knew everything, could do everything, what ever topic you are discussing he/she has something to say NA NA has many many things to say and always have stories to share same types of your but you fell lucky that we have one but he/she will have tons of those. Like you kissed a girl in some romantic way but he has done in the same way for more then 5 times. May be your crush called you all of a sudden but the same situation has already happened to that lady friend of yours 10 times. I know what you are thinking now, you may be recalling that friend of your's name but please don't  write in the comment box better share this to him/her.
One of my room-mate shared me his story and I don't know it's right or wrong to share it in here but it is so inspiring and so real I can't stop myself. I wish I could mention his name but name doesn't really matter.
So, He and his family used to live in the hilly reason of  our country Nepal. There was a long 12 years period in Nepal when Maoist had a Civil war against Government and as per them (Maoist) was for the betterment and empowerment of people when he was forced to join then because he was a good athlete and had tried to join British and Indian Army before. He is the only son in the family with 3 sister. When he refused to join then he was bitten, emotionally broke and forcefully made a group leader in the public. His Uncle helped him to run away to the capital city Kathmandu from where he was planing to go abroad. He applied for Singapore but the agent ran way with almost USD 4500 of his which is a huge amount for a lower class Nepalese. He went to Malaysia then. Worked there for about 8 years hardly paid the debts. Now is in  Dubai, in  more debts for providing shelter for his family, is married and has a son and the situation is same just a bit old and has some health issues but always is happy for the life he and his family has and always in positive.

The Narrators 

I think you already understood what I mean right Narrators are those who can convey the message or the story better then the original story tellers. Like the Director of the movie and Narrators are more popular in all the groups like the movie Directors as people hardly remember the Script Writer after the movie is released. Content can be delivered more effectively with some masala.
I love Narrators, I love them so much that when they come to me and start saying same thing I already heard from the Script Writer I act like this was the first time I have been hearing and most of the time do parroting as well to accelerate his effort given in the story telling. Narrators are also best listeners as I think they listen and visualize the story in their head, create a scene and the best way to convey that story. Basically they are the visual and sound effect of the story to be conveyed.
Lately a news got viral in the Nepalese circle of social media regarding a rape and the requirement of death sentence for the rapist in Nepal. There was a lady protester  who protested semi naked in front of the Parliament which got more hype because 13 year old kid was brutally raped and killed. It is a very sensitive topic to talk about but one of my elder mate he ended up explaining me about this news and like I said you know me ha, what I did. He started his movie, continued smoothly I joined him as well. Like when he said the semi- naked lady I said with more surprise "Semi Naked"  he was more excited. When he said Parliament I said "OMG Parliament" he was more pumped but finally to make his movie exciting he ended up making that Holly Hearted Protester the sister of the baby girl raped and trust me if someone who has never heard or read about that news would really believe his and in such a way that would only listen stories from him.
I fell like these kind of tellers are the reason of the way media is now. Its not the media's fault it the people working in the media are Narrators as well as the people who listen and hear are also Narrators. I remember the Chinese game of whispering a proper sentence from 1 person to 10, when it reaches to tenth guy the whole prospective of message will be changed.

The Real Story Tellers

Real Story Tellers, the story which never exist, which has no value, has no purpose. It was just created to create a creative misunderstanding in human brain. Like human science says more than 70% of stories and things going around us are not of our interest. But what to do we the best creation of Almighty have to know and put our finger tips in everything; This human behavior creates the real story tellers because they don't do anything they just love to enjoy or say manipulate your brain and play with your emotions and feelings. They just come up with something which as no any existence and no reality but they will implant that story in your head in such a way that if you will not be careful to analyze it will be your reality. They tell you those stories for only two reason
1. For their benefit and 2.To hurt your emotions
For an instant you think that your Boss doesn't like you just because you made silly mistake then your supervisor will play with your mind by adding things up which keeps you more far to clear things up and start serving that supervisor as an anchor so he/she could settle his/her ship. Wrong information is worst then no information so we always need to verify where, how, why and who is the media or the medium. Like there is a very popular saying "Trust But Always Verify". These Real Story Tellers are all the way around and mostly will win your trust and pretend to be a friend and slowly poison your surrounding and yourself and you never know. I have hundreds of examples happened or happening in my life and don't want to illustrate because if you are reading this. All the names who have every done this and are doing will come to your mind automatic. The only way to encounter them less is to be careful and strong, always analyze the situation and if you feel something is wrong then face that person immediately. We can be the best of our self if we are more vigilant of our surrounding. Having a small real circle of friends and well wishers is far more better then thinking self popular in the circle of Real Story Tellers.

'Don't ever stop yourself, Do what you think is right but always think if its right or good enough to be done. Be the Story yourself but the positive one.' 

Thanks for Reading Good People.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Standing in front of the mirror, seeing self eye to eye or closed and stating how stunning you are and would like to be, all those self praise, self instructions; Standing or sitting in front of the holy sprite of any religion you belong and expressing the felling, bursting self guilt or the desires; Closing eyes in the Morning and Thanking lord for what an amazing day he has offered us, what an amazing life, most loving/caring parents, beloved wife, fantastic kids, friends and family, deserving job or business; Closing eyes at Night and thanking for the day and the best way the day had passed and the visualization of the day passed, lesson learnt and mistake made as well as apologizing for the mistake made and learning from them; All this and many more can be stated as the prayer.

Today I was inspired to write by the Whats App status of my Co-worker about this topic and felt to express the ways of prayer which can be done or specially I do.

1. Self Suggestion
We are the creation of the Almighty or for some people by the nature. There is a reason being the best creation which can think and react so perfectly according to it and the most astonishing thing is the way we all differ in almost all aspects as well as we are similar in all aspects. Self Suggestion can be the best way for anyone who weak self-steam. I just want all of us to imagine being in front of the mirror and thinking about us that how amazing we are, so good looking as well as doing things for being more beautiful like makeup, handling cloths, dressing hair which all enhances our outer beauty and similarly if you see ourselves in the mirror and parsing self and instructing self is making up our inner beauty. We all are best and of only kind and filling self with the positive charges will definitely lead us to a positive and happy way of life.

Specially I follow self suggestion for making me out of negative mood and always to thank for the life, family, work and all those privileges I have. This really boosts my self-steam and also makes purpose of living clear.

2. Morning Thanking Statement   
For me this is the most powerful way of prayer as it helps us to kick start day in the best way we can and start positive. Getting up in the morning and thanks giving for the morning and upcoming day as well as all those loved once, earth, air, water basically all those aspects which affects our life as well as requesting all those forces to lead our life towards positivity and most important believing in self and the desired situation leads us to those all wishes and desires to come true. 

For me I thank the Almighty to specially the life I have given for care provided by family and parents, for the air to be available to breadth, for water and food to be provided and had been provided by the nature, for the work which provides to my family and self, for the health and prosperity. And for all those positive things and vibes always being ready to come to me. 

3. Bed Time Conclusion 
Bed time conclusion can be the best self analytical prayer which we all can do just before going to bed. Taking few long breath in and out, relaxing self and going to all those core events of the day which really affected the day, yourself and others directly or indirectly and evaluating the act done by you and others and their affect. If someone has knowingly or unknowingly harmed you or insulted you lets it go. Throw all the negativity for self and the surrounding not only helps to cure your soul but also helps in the pleasant sleep.

Even if I miss any of the above two I never miss the third one because its the self analysis and provides the clear vision of the surrounding you are living every second. I believe "People can lie to others but cannot lie to themselves."

4. Visiting The Holy Place
Visiting Temple,Church, Mosque,Guru Dwar or any other Holy place where you get the feeling of you are not alone in you struggle or you success; The divine power of Almighty will always lead you to the right way or will help get over all the pain you have and provide what you deserve gives the strength to you mind set and purifies the soul. It reminds us that we have all our ancestor, grand parents, parents and all relatives and friends who are directly or indirectly wish for the betterment of our life as well as have an impact in it for progressive results.

In my case I visit to the holy place once in a while since I have been living in Dubai for about 2 years have been to the temple twice. The inspiration to go their was my beloved younger brother and the team- mate Mr. Raul Singh Maharjan. Couldn't stop thanking him for my heart since them. Have promised to visit at least once on the fort-night.

The way we think, the way we talk, the way we open up, the way we treat us, the truthful we are in-self and others, the way we work all are the state of prayer. Thanks for the inspirational status to my fantastic Mama.

May all get what is supposed to be got and what is supposed to be given by the grace of infinite intelligence and the power of Almighty.

Please comment the way you pray.

Thank You. 

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