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How Long did it take for YouTube Channel to Monetize and how long does it take for the monetization review process (Our YouTube Story)

 Hello,  Team Core  Has been a while now. Hope you all are doing good, Stay safe and Stay happy I am really very sorry what I was lost for a long time. Time wasn't in my favor I guess. I have been struggling a lot lately but somehow holding myself still till  now.  In this blog I am specially going to talk about  Our YouTube Story ( How Long did it take for YouTube Channel to Monetize and how long does it takes for the monetization review process) How Long did it take for me to Monetize I uploaded my first video in YouTube on 31 of March 2020 and til then the journey was so much unknown to be and I also regrade about that. It took me 5 months of day and night practice, learning and hard work to reach the requirement for application to Monetization in YouTube Partner Program. I exactly applied on 31 of August 2020 for Monetization.  I didn't even know how to edit videos or even do screen record of laptop and smart phone before that you can say I was the dumbest person to you sma


5 ACTIVITIES TO DO WHILE QUARANTINED. Hi, Team Core What's Up  Hi, Family We are not going to talk about Novel Corona Virus because we all know what is it and what it can do as well as what it has done to us. If you still are not sure about it just click to the link for more details.  Today I am going to talk about what we can so to get the best out of this quarantine period . In a simple way - 5 THINGS TO DO WHILE QUARANTINED are the things which we should or should have done already but we can start now as life is teaching us a very good lesson what really matters and what really can happen. I truly believe this world with be better place to live after we will have control over Novel Corona Virus 


                      5 SIMPLE STEPS TO HAPPY LIFE Hi, Team Core Hope All Is Well Lets talk about us today, you and me in general what do we need to stay happy and healthy life style. Is it to have loads of money, having loads of Followers in Instagram or Friends in Facebook or Loads of likes and comments in you posts in social media. May be some people around us or even for us this can be source of happiness and healthy life because they give self- satisfaction.

Art of Doing Nothing

Art Of Doing Nothing  Hi, Team Core What's Up? Hope All Well Art of Doing Nothing is all about as a topic itself. I especially decided to write on this topic as I am on vacation in these few days and I tried my best to do nothing. I mean nothing professional only time for friends and family. But doing nothing is also an art. Really the only expert on it can only do it. A person who wants to grow or in a better term is growing financially, professionally or personally, can't stay doing nothing. We in fact always work. Even now I'm waiting for my mom here in NJP (New Jalpaiguri Train Station), India and it's about to rain heavily but I preferred to use my time writing this. Since I started my vacation from 21st of March 2019 I preferred to reach home on the same day as it was Holi . Was very excited but reached late and couldn't make it count really and was bad business in terms of the domestic flight I took from KTM to Bhadrapur which was damn costly

Dining and Wining Lounge and Bar (Interior Paradise for Family Dine)

Dining & Wining Lounge and Bar(Interior Paradise for Family Dine) Hi, Team Core What’s Up? Has been a while that we aren’t in touch I have always been doing abstract writing but today have planned to write about one of the best places for foodies and party people here in Eastern Part of Nepal (Birtamode) definitely its Dining and Wining Lounge and Bar. Which is at the top floor of 3 stored building and just for info the entire top floor has been created for the best dine-in experience up to 110 people. The entrance is on the side of the building which I will consider a minus point for such a mind-blowing restaurant and bar but I feel if you are one of the best you deserve to be searched. All side walls of stairs are full with meaningful and heart touching paintings. The best for me and I guess for 90% of the visitors will be the painting of Darahara (Historical Watch Tower of Kathmandu which was destroyed in a massive deadly earth-quack). The statement was written t

7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer

7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer Hi, Team Core How are you all? "7 Qualities For Being A Freelance Writer" is all about the skills required to be a Freelance Writer. This segment is for those who want to know what is freelance writing as well as what are the qualities required to be a freelance writer. Maybe those qualities are in you. If you have these qualities you can definitely be a freelance writer. I personally will be very happy if this segment can help even 1 person to know their hidden skills. Who is a Freelancer ? Freelance is the type of work done as per assignment for a company or individual without directly involved in the project given. In an easy word its working for someone without being their employee. Freelancer : A Freelancer is an individual/self-employed person who does freelance work for anyone or any company with the provided amount of time frame and desired payment.  In this modern world, any assignment or project can