Friday, 17 August 2018


Standing in front of the mirror, seeing self eye to eye or closed and stating how stunning you are and would like to be, all those self praise, self instructions; Standing or sitting in front of the holy sprite of any religion you belong and expressing the felling, bursting self guilt or the desires; Closing eyes in the Morning and Thanking lord for what an amazing day he has offered us, what an amazing life, most loving/caring parents, beloved wife, fantastic kids, friends and family, deserving job or business; Closing eyes at Night and thanking for the day and the best way the day had passed and the visualization of the day passed, lesson learnt and mistake made as well as apologizing for the mistake made and learning from them; All this and many more can be stated as the prayer.

Today I was inspired to write by the Whats App status of my Co-worker about this topic and felt to express the ways of prayer which can be done or specially I do.

1. Self Suggestion
We are the creation of the Almighty or for some people by the nature. There is a reason behind the reason of being the best creation which can think and react so perfectly according to it and the most astonishing thing is the way we all differ in almost all aspects as well as we are similar in all aspects. Self Suggestion can be the best way for anyone who weak self-steam. I just want all of us to imagine being in front of the mirror and thinking about us that how amazing we are, so good looking as well as doing things for being more beautiful like makeup, handling cloths, dressing hair which all enhances our outer beauty and similarly if you see ourselves in the mirror and parsing self and instructing self is making up our inner beauty. We all are best and of only kind and filling self with the positive charges will definitely lead us to a positive and happy way of life.

Specially I follow self suggestion for making me out of negative mood and always to thank for the life, family, work and all those privileges I have. This really boosts my self-steam and also makes purpose of living clear.

2. Morning Thanking Statement   
For me this is the most powerful way of prayer as it helps us to kick start day in the best way we can and start positive. Getting up in the morning and thanks giving for the morning and upcoming day as well as all those loved once, earth, air, water basically all those aspects which affects our life as well as requesting all those forces to lead our life towards positivity and most important believing in self and the desired situation leads us to those all wishes and desires to come true. 

For me I thank the Almighty to specially the life I have given for care provided by family and parents, for the air to be available to breadth, for water and food to be provided and had been provided by the nature, for the work which provides to my family and self, for the health and prosperity. And for all those positive things and vibes always being ready to come to me. 

3. Bed Time Conclusion 
Bed time conclusion can be the best self analytical prayer which we all can do just before going to bed. Taking few long breath in and out, relaxing self and going to all those core events of the day which really affected the day, yourself and others directly or indirectly and evaluating the act done by you and others and their affect. If someone has knowingly or unknowingly harmed you or insulted you lets it go. Throw all the negativity for self and the surrounding not only helps to cure your soul but also helps in the pleasant sleep.

Even if I miss any of the above two I never miss the third one because its the self analysis and provides the clear vision of the surrounding you are living every second. I believe "People can lie to others but cannot lie to themselves."

4. Visiting The Holy Place
Visiting Temple,Church, Mosque,Guru Dwar or any other Holy place where you get the feeling of you are not alone in you struggle or you success; The divine power of Almighty will always lead you to the right way or will help get over all the pain you have and provide what you deserve gives the strength to you mind set and purifies the soul. It reminds us that we have all our ancestor, grand parents, parents and all relatives and friends who are directly or indirectly wish for the betterment of our life as well as have an impact in it for progressive results.

In my case I visit to the holy place once in a while since I have been living in Dubai for about 2 years have been to the temple twice. The inspiration to go their was my beloved younger brother and the team- mate Mr. Raul Singh Maharjan. Couldn't stop thanking him for my heart since them. Have promised to visit at least once on the fort-night.

The way we think, the way we talk, the way we open up, the way we treat us, the truthful we are in-self and others, the way we work all are the state of prayer. Thanks for the inspirational status to my fantastic Mama.

May all get what is supposed to be got and what is supposed to be given by the grace of infinite intelligence and the power of Almighty.

Please comment the way you prey.

Thank You. 

Saturday, 11 August 2018

7 Days of Vacation

Commonly called local leave here in Dubai, UAE. Staying in one of the best city in the world and not going to your home, loving to lay down in the bed for 7 days wasn't a joke. I know what you all people are thinking;  It's really very hard to just be on your own for 7 long days and night. First 2 days will flow like a trace of bullet, you won't even realize and then slowly the time holds you and then holds itself. You will be dying for the time and days to pass. In the third day I decided to join the class for the Digital Marketing was hard having a professional background of Food and Beverage and quite a baby in the digital world but also was fun to know the different aspect of self. Realization of so many pathways to live and missing out almost everything in the world made me feel a bit down but an easy statement only a person who flies as plane is called pilot and the beautiful ladies who serve everyone specially inside the flight are air-hostess and all of us sitting called passengers; made all thoughts clear. We are designed specially to do a task but if we can do more is our capability and an asset.
Talking about the Digital Marketing I came through so many terms and ways to see a simple day to day things and the multiple process of doing them. Hope will help a lot in the up coming days. 
Buying a domain in has also been an asset of the vacation for me. You know I was and still am and always will be writing but apart of writing you have to do and know so many things to let it reach to the people. These 7 days taught me how hardworking all those Youtubers, Bloggers and all those digital world people have to work. Before used to think was a piece of cake with the cash as the cheery on top. Huge respect to all those people out there to create every piece which helped millions to smile and inspired millions in life to do something.
I learned about blog from Youtube, I learned how to write blog on Youtube, Even buying a domain almost everything. Youtube has been the mother of new generation. Still I'm learning and will always be. 
Blogger has been a great asset to me on expressing myself as well as spending quality time. I started to blog not for making money or showcasing what I don't have or to show people I know something. It has been a day to day story telling platform for me. I write when I'm happy, I write when I'm sad, I write when I cry or smile basically I write always. 
These 7 days has changed me a lot, you know being away from family keeps you thinking always about family. The loans you have, debts to pay, when to get settled in life and so on and so on. But these 7 days I spend mostly for myself on knowing me, learning what I want, doing what I wanted to. Making my bucket list, will definitely share about my bucket list on next writing.
I really wish I was so independent that I could do what I want to do, what I like to do but no hard thoughts I love my work and this section of work as well. Job starts on Monday Guys, it's time to wash cloths now. C ya soon.

Sushil Roka

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Finding Happiness

Hi, People it has been a long, tiring, stressful and obstacular life so far but only when I have a problem or pain else I can refer when the thoughts are negative or the situation is. Generally most of the time in life. There is always a pressure like the whistle head of the pressure cooker and the stove burner is always in a maximum flames. Anytime ready to whistle; Just the difference is the volume of the whistle. its funny na. Some times its too loud, some time medium and sometimes too ignorable. Same fire, same flame, same pressure cooker in-fact the same whistle but different impact of the sound and effect. There is always a struggle going around. Family problems, job problems, personal problems, others problems, this problem and that problems oooo..... wait wait I missed the biggest "Salary". Looks like all starts and ends with problem. But how about the happiness. I mean I can feel it some times don't you? Like the sound of the ATM machine, Message of the Bank in the cell as the salary gets credited, You hungry and when you reach room the food is ready,Last 10 minutes of your shift, Morning Message from your crush, unexpected call from the loved once and you know what the best of the best; Call from your friend in your day off "Bro, Lets catch up in the Bar tonight." Your heart says "Oooooooo Yeah."
Being here so far from family and my  relatives as well as old friends has affected me a lot but knowing new people and the most important accepting their existence in the world and making them a part of my world always fascinates me. Knowing more people is a eye opener  I will come to know a bit more of a person inside me. Me inside me is quite strange, I don't know why???? He thinks happiness are less and the pain is more just because work is for 11 months and 1 month vacation. It sounds too stupid isn't it. He thinks happiness is on small things where as the pain is everywhere, he even calculates the impact of the happiness like receiving salary is happiness but sending home and the feeling of pride is more then receiving salary. Being parent for the first time is very big happiness but seeing that pleasant smile in your kids face every-time you go closer is priceless, Smiling faces of friends when you go back to your home in vacation is happiness but the tears rolling down from your mother's cheek is just something else.
"Small small things gives you happiness" he states. Whole week we are busy calling so many people but that one call to family is happiness. Happiness is seeing smile in other's faces from the heart not eyes, happiness is being happy in someone else happiness, it's a simple joy that takes away big big worries. Worrying in someone else problem and helping them out of it. Always trying to bring smile in other faces, being always positive and not thinking or doing bad to others, taking care of self and surrounding, loving self and others is a simple formula of happiness. You know what he said to be that blew my mind away "We are humans and our happiness is on being humans, if we start or will start behaving like animals or insects how we can be happy, Just imagine Lion in the office roaring to all those foxes, horses, zebras and on and on; for sure happiness will end. Behave like human and get results like human coz 90% of the problems arise if we create or tend to create problems to others." Giving is happiness not always getting and stealing, Evaluating things correctly is happiness and the most importantly knowing yourself first them starting to know others is the starting process of happiness. So, know yourself, your peace, your soul, your desire, your negativity, your problems, your issues,your this and your that. Fix it them spread happiness.
Peace and Love to all.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The Burning Desire

" Wishing so strong of something with strategic plan of achieving it is called desire."

" Definite purpose so strong of getting something even the nature helps us to get it is called desire."

Today an interview I watched made me think what is the definite purpose so strong for me the I can call it my burning desire. My brain strikes desire of being happy, I say yes that's it. But when I thought about what was or is the happiness for me. Being rich, taking care of my parents, being an owner of a successful business or a successful blogger WOW so many definitions of happiness of mine. I realize I wasn't sending a proper information to my brain to process  so far regarding my burning desire or even the many desires I ever had. Firstly I never had a concise choice of positive statements or words. My statements were half positive or negative and I used to think them positive. I came to realize positive word in a universal positivism not only for me.If my words will have negative impact on others still its negative. Secondly I rarely had a clear visualization. I never or sometimes visualized of getting what I want and It wasn't so strong and clear. Lastly the most important part corresponding feeling. If I wanted something so much then I should have felt it like i have it or at least how will I fell of having it. Felling is an emotion and an emotion is an energy and energy is a source. 
 I say I want to be the Owner of  a Business. I should have had a concise choice of positive words " I want a successful food business which serves healthy food in a happy environment."I must visualize being an Owner of the successful establishment which serves healthy food and the environment is very jolly. Finally the most important part is the feeling of being an owner of the thing I desired of, that peace of mind and joy, the happiness of achievement and feeling of being proud. Feeling of being yourself.
As stated in the beginning I saw an interview on "Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind". Have a look below this will definitely help you to change your thinking pattern.   

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

What's important

I just wonder what's most important in life. Relationships, money, health, peace of mind, myself, others. It is and has always been a confusion. Reading so many books to find out definitely should have cleared the topic but has done opposite. I'm leterally confused. Saving money for myself is important or paying family debts. Being happy is more important or making happy. Seeing someone using you is important or making use of others. Self-respect is important or respecting others. Sometimes I see myself in the middle of the ocean in a boat with a hole and sharks waiting smiling with all the desire of having a salty human flesh but the skinny one. I wish the word important had never been created and crafted in a human brain, the problem would have been solved there and then. To live is more important or making a living. I don't think anyone finds the answer till they die. And even after dead what's important?????

Friday, 13 July 2018

My Friday in Dubai

Living has been quite a while in Dubai now. Kind of love the place now. Specially people, the AC after a walk and my work. Yes I'm in love with my work it's not strange at all.
So, what I was saying was about my Friday(A weekend in UAE). I wake up at 6:10 am accurate not even a second past. Sorry forgot to mention that I take shower at Thursday night so can sleep extra 20 mins; Yes those 20 minutes which are awesome, I know you all know those minutes how important they are. Then rush to the rest room fresh up self mostly I fresh myself with brushing teeth, washing face and the X temptation does the rest. My car lift comes at 06:35 am which drives me to JLT Cluster Y till 07:28 am. Direct start to work but shift starts at 8 am sharp. I love what I do but can't disclose it here now. Inshalla in coming future may do so. But I make people happy and healthy. After 10 hours and a slight more finish the shift. Will sign off JLT at around 6 pm and take metro. I am a fan of metro in Dubai what a facility it has been to the middle class and lower class worker here. What a thought of a helping hand to us. Passing 13 stations standing most of the time is quite boring. But the desire of getting a seat is so high sometimes give an adrenalin rush. I adore the sky line of this mega city. Almost an hour flies so quick. Have you ever had a boring feeling at first 3 stops and excitement in last 3 I have the same. I just don't understand one thing "Why people always rush even to get out of the metro??"
I must take a bus for more 4 stops to reach my place. At the end 5 mins walk with "Panikam Chai" is so intimidating that I feel all those stand ups in metro, those 13 stations and Bus with 4 stops were worthwhile. Finally the third floor and 10th flat then shower and spend time with those loving and caring kabayans of mine. Then eat, sleep and repeat.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Birthday and a Karak Chai

Hi, All its my bday said a friend. He was a bit close to me and same was I for him. We decided to throw a party to eachother. From JLT to Burdubai travel had never been fun. We talked a lot may be reason was a treat going in our head. When we reach to Burdubai he treated me with a nice dinner a very good one. Even I think now water sprinkles on my tongue. We stared with few panipuries, then basmati rice, fish curry, dal fry ended up with gulab jamun.
After all that an ice-cream. We decided to have a chat together for a while in the Creek side. What a place to be when your tummy was full and in friend's birthday. But something was missing really deep inside of both of us. We tried to figure out deep inside the missing desire. There came my turn to treat my friend a karak chai. Even though the price was 2 AED per cup, it was a Devine source of satisfaction for us. That was it the missing desire. The light we were waiting for. The happiness of eternity. "Who says it must be expensive and extraordinary it should just be something missing deep inside."


Standing in front of the mirror, seeing self eye to eye or closed and stating how stunning you are and would like to be, all those self pr...